BizEssentials Webinar Series

The BizEssentials Series was created to help our consultant members run their businesses better with various topics throughout the next year. FCSI The Americas Conference Planning Committee members and staff sorted through many topics and identified key issues we think consultant members will find beneficial, but we welcome all suggestions you may have for future webinars. Contact Amy Stark with suggestions.

Each event in the BizEssentials series will take place on the second Wednesday of the month.

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Upcoming BizEssentials Webinars

The Perfect Storm: Industry Challenges in the “New Normal”
October 20, 2021; 3:00 PM ET

The foodservice industry has gone through a lot of challenges in the last couple of years. We have been quick to respond to these challenges, and many have thrived.

But, the challenges of the “new normal” are likely to continue to impact our industry for a while. One of these challenges is the increased cost to run an operation. Increases in labor, food, construction, equipment, and real estate (among others) seem to be in the news each day. In addition to these challenges, the cost to operate the off-premise side of the business is also increasing. The industry has typically seen these one or two at a time, but in the current environment they are showing up all at the same time.
Sounds like “The Perfect Storm.” In this webinar, Juan Martinez, PhD, PE, FCSI, of Profitality Labor Guru, Inc., will dive into this reality, provide insights on what foodservice operators can do to weather this storm, and highlight the significant role foodservice consultants can play to support them.



BizEssentials On Demand

Networking after COVID

We’ve been told for more than a year to wear a mask, stay six feet apart, and don’t travel. Now vaccinations are on the rise and people are starting to feel good going out again. But just because some of us are more comfortable being together doesn’t mean we all are. Some of our clients and colleagues may not be ready for a while.

The uncertainty about being face-to-face will be with us for a while still. So how do we network in this new post-COVID environment? How do we handle the awkward “should I offer to shake hands?” moment. We’ll discuss how best to network in this new world.

Presenter: Sharyn Yorio, Next Phase Collaborative

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Responding to an RFP: You Know What Needs Done Now Share It with the Client

The request for proposal (RFP) process can be confusing and time-consuming. The first part — reading the request — often requires you to read between the lines to get to the client’s real concerns. The second part of the process requires you to interpret their needs in an easy-to-read response.

In this second session of the series, we’ll discuss ways to respond to requests for proposals. This month we’ll expand on what we learned in April and find the best way to highlight why your company is the best fit for the client.

This interactive session will give you a chance to gain confidence with your proposal writing skills. Bring your ideas and questions!

Kathleen Held, Chief Executive Officer and President at Cini-Little International, Inc.

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Reading the RFP: How to Get from the Fluff to the Good Stuff

The request for proposal (RFP) process can be confusing and time-consuming. Some potential clients provide pages and pages of information that are difficult to slog through. Some of them provide one page of specific requirements, with no information about the project’s big picture. How can we understand and respond to requests without losing our minds?

In this first session of a two-part series, we’ll share tips for reading and understanding complex (and not-so-complex) requests for proposals. April’s session will answer these questions: How do you decide if the proposal is even worth a response? What else do I need to know before you can answer?

This interactive session will give you a chance to learn new techniques and ask questions about the challenges you face. Bring your ideas and questions!

Kathleen Held, Chief Executive Officer and President at Cini-Little International, Inc.

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Alternative Revenue: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Fees are fees are fees, right? Are you maximizing all of the services you offer to your clients? Design fees and management fees are great but there are other ways to increase revenue (legally and ethically) within your firm. James and Ken discuss their success stories.

James Camacho, FCSI, President of Camacho Associates
Ken Schwartz, FCSI, President & CEO of SSA, Inc.

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A NERDY NEW YEAR: Top Tech Tools for Your Business Resolutions

Since her first Motorola RAZR flip phone, Beth has made a verb out of the word “nerd.” She’s here to help you filter through thousands of apps, gadgets, widgets and doodads to find the perfect free and bargain technology tools for work and home. Although the only real trophy she ever won was for making perfect French fries at McDonald’s in high school, Beth Z has been featured on Best Speaker lists by several organizations that write best speaker lists. She has written a whole shelf of books on apps and has spoken to more than 100 thousand audience members just like you. And if you’re puzzling over why she goes by “Beth Z”… it’s because she only finds about three people a year who can pronounce her last name.
Beth Ziesenis: Author. Speaker. Nerd.

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Write for Action — and a Small Screen

Learn to save hours each week with short, organized and skimmable content that gets faster responses with clear calls to action, recommendations and context.

Debra Jasper, CEO & Founder, Mindset Digital

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Video Marketing – You Ought to Be in Pictures

Video shorts and clips are the new norm when it comes to marketing. With so many text heavy emails, video can capture the attention immediately to promote your message. Come join us as we walk you through how easy it is to film and publish short videos using cameras and mobile devices to market yourself and your firm.

Erik Haviland, Matt Martinez, and Clint Boland

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Put the Power in Your Next Virtual Presentation

Learn to take advantage of rapid visual storytelling and micro moments, how to design for attention and wow your audience, and more effectively lead team meetings, webinars and more. Debra shared this Fast Fixes worksheet for download.

Debra Jasper, CEO & Founder, Mindset Digital

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Who’s the Client?

Projects today have many players, so much so that it can become challenging to stay focused on the client. But is there just one client? A design consultant, an MAS consultant, an operator, and an architect will join together on a dynamic panel to address frequent obstacles and approaches to managing them to a successful outcome.

Karen Malody, Russ Benson, Todd Griffith, Teri Kidwell, David Kutsunai

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Connect and Compete in a Virtual World

Learn how to make a great first impression online, fully leverage LinkedIn, and stay close to clients and colleagues in this new virtual world. Debra shared this handout to help you improve your profile.

Debra Jasper, Mindset Digital


Other BizEssentials Events

Employee Happiness Roundtables

This month we  presented a lively set of roundtable discussions on Employee Happiness and Operations. This exciting roundtable format will feature 3 different breakout rooms to choose from, each with 20-minute discussions. You’ll be able to select two topics during the webinar to attend.


Workplace Culture – Scott Reitano, Reitano Design Group
How has your culture changed during the past year? How can you keep everyone healthy, engaged and happy moving forward?

Alternative Working Conditions & Accountability – Christine Guyott, Rippe Associates, and Kristin Sedej, S2O Consultants, Inc.
Think you have it all figured out after working virtually for the past year? Join the discussion to see what tools other firms are using for connecting, presentations, and collaboration.

Employee Benefits – Ken Schwartz, SSA, Inc.
What exactly defines a benefit? Curious to know what other companies offer in benefits? We will discuss everything from vacation, work arrangements, continuing education opportunities, and other options.


Let’s Talk about Trends, Baby

Staying informed on trends in the foodservice industry is essential for keeping your business successful.
All of us experienced challenges in 2020 that were unexpected and, in some cases, devastating. What did we learn in the past 18 months? How are those lessons changing the future of our industry?
Our June BizEssentials webinar will try to get a handle on the emerging trends in the foodservice industry. FCSI leaders will host roundtable discussions on trends in business and industry, education, healthcare, and restaurants. Bring your thoughts on the changes in your segment and join your colleagues for an engaging discussion.
Sojo Alex
K-12 Education
Stephanie Gilbert
Christine Guyott
Kathleen Held
Business & Industry
Juan Martinez
Scott Reitano
K-12 Education
Joe Schumaker
Business & Industry