Management consultancy


Catering and Foodservice Management Consultancy – Services available from FCSI Consultants

Catering management consultants from FCSI offer the very best in foodservice planning and strategy advice – including the tendering of contracts and product evaluation – ensuring your customers get the best service while you get best value.

The wide range of foodservice management advice from FCSI consultants has benefited high street retail concepts, staff restaurants, schools, universities, hospitals, public and government caterers, visitor attractions, hotels and even holiday tour operators.

Management consultants from FCSI operate both in the UK and internationally, providing fresh and, lateral thinking, a sense of perspective, the most up to date ideas and a structured approach designed to deliver the very best results.


A major function of planning foodservice strategy is the tendering of foodservice contracts. FCSI consultants help by writing specifications, overseeing the tendering, appointing the caterer and monitoring the contracts to ensure standards are adhered to.


Our foodservice management advice covers:

Branding and Marketing

Business strategy

Concept generation and development

Customer care

Feasibility studies

Financial Modelling and Forecasting

Finance, rental and lease or contract options

Hygiene, HACCP and food safety audits

IT systems i.e. menu planning

Leisure foodservice strategy

Menu and recipe development

Monitoring and appraisal of operators

Operating costs – we help with benchmarking, audits and controlling costs

Operating manuals

Operating procedures and systems

Operational auditing and benchmarking

Operational briefs and service level agreements

Operational reviews

Project management and administration

Sourcing of operators – open market letting or competitive tender

Staff and directors dining catering specifications and operator tendering

Tender evaluation and documentation



‘FREE’ Management Services

Some consultants – who are not members of the FCSI – claim to offer a ‘free’ service, where they will arrange the tendering of a contract or undertake cost reduction services at no expense to the client or even charge the winning contractor and guess who ends up paying and inflated bill – the Client!

These consultants earn their fee either from the successful contractor, who simply adds the fee paid onto the price of the contract, or generate sufficient ‘savings’ to justify their fee, with little regard to the overall quality of the resulting service.

FCSI Consultants are Totally Independent

FCSI consultants will ensure you get best value for your money and deliver the best service for your customers.

Catering management consultancy from FCSI is the very best in foodservice planning and strategy advice. Whether you want to tender a contract, evaluate your current product or address hygiene issues, FCSI can help.