Design consultancy


Kitchen Planning, Design Consultancy and Equipment Specification:

Foodservice design consultants from FCSI (UK & Ireland) can help with all aspects of catering kitchen and restaurant planning.

FCSI consultants are highly experienced and knowledgeable and offer totally independent and impartial advice for all sectors of the market.

Our thorough understanding and working knowledge of all relevant health & safety and hygiene legislation ensures due diligence and the highest standards of food safety.

Advice can be offered on all aspects of menu planning from budgeting, sustainability, healthy eating and special diets to high street food retailing and fine dining.

FCSI designers have experience – throughout the UK and international markets – of all types of commercial, catering and foodservice outlet and will ensure you get the very best value from your investment, whatever the style of foodservice.

Our members specify millions of pounds worth of catering equipment every year – they know what good value is and have the bargaining power to get it! FCSI kitchen designers will deliver the best value equipment package.


With the weight of legislation covering catering developments seeming to grow daily, FCSI consultants offer both design and design/management services, including:

Scheme Design (CAD based):
  • Budget costs
  • Initial space requirements
  • Space planning/space rationalisation
  • Cost plans and value management
  • Design brief for Architects on hygienic construction and finishes
  • Design brief for Service Consultants on mechanical and electrical services engineering
  • Liaison with building control, environmental health and fire officer
But specialist advice is also available on:
  • sustainability/energy management
  • waste minimisation and management
  • performance specifications
  • temporary catering facilities
  • procurement
  • equipment testing and audits
  • access consultancy
Detailed design can include:
  • Layout design including catering equipment evaluation and selection
  • Design of bespoke catering equipment (including R & D)
  • Mechanical and Electrical services engineering design
  • Liaison with statutory authorities
  • Contract drawings and tender specifications
  • Building services termination drawings (CAD)
  • Supplier evaluation and competitive tendering
Interior Design:
  • Professional interior design service
  • Corporate ID, graphics and signage
And finally, construction, where FCSI consultants offer:
  • Quality assurance monitoring and site inspections
  • Project/Construction management
  • Equipment testing and commissioning
  • Staff training
  • Defect surveys

There is no such thing as free kitchen design!

Whoever gives professional advice on equipment or services expects a payback. Here are two reasons why you should choose an FCSI consultant for the most impartial, professional service.

Take the ‘free’ services offered by certain manufacturers and distributors, for example. The costs of providing that service, CAD systems, design staff etc., are covered by adding to the cost of the equipment.

And is it the right equipment for you? If you need a combi-oven, for example, whose will they specify? The manufacturer will spec one of their own models; the distributor one from a limited range of suppliers from which they earn a retrospective discount.

But what is the best machine for you? What if a competitor’s model offers the best option; or the distributor doesn’t stock it?

Choose a catering design consultant from FCSI (UK & Ireland) to ensure you get the very best kitchen design, the best value for money and the correct unbiased specification of catering equipment for your business.