Code of best practice

Relating to professional consultancy work involving the competitive tendering, selection or purchase of products or services from third party suppliers on behalf of clients, or involving a review of or giving an opinion on products or services provided by third party suppliers.


  1. The consultant(s) shall provide the client with a written fee proposal, in advance of appointment, outlining the services to be provided and the fee required to complete the assignment. Thus all proposals shall clearly indicate a fee (fixed for the task specified or daily rate) and the terms and conditions of payment.
  1. The fee paid by the client shall be the consultant’s sole source of income from the consultancy assignment.
  2. Payment shall be accepted only in accordance with the work undertaken and shall not be refundable or deductible from equipment, materials supply purchases, contractors’ income, the caterers’ income (i.e. management fee) or linked to savings achieved in the review of catering services.
  1. The fee will be payable by the client and monies will not be receivable from any tenderer, potential tenderer, other third party supplier or their agents.
  1. Payment shall be related only to the work undertaken on the terms described in the proposal and any such amendments or additions to the proposal as agreed by the client in writing. The consultant(s) shall not accept bonuses in cash or kind or other reward relating to the services other than the fee agreed.
  2. Payment for this type of work shall not be linked to savings achieved by third party suppliers as a result of the services provided by the consultant(s).
  1. The client shall be advised when the consultant(s) submits proposals for the work of any financial, personal, professional or other interest that they may have in any supplier, service provider, manufacturer or caterer where that service provider or product may potentially be specified as a result of the work done by the consultant(s).
  1. The consultant(s) involved in providing the services shall not be simultaneously involved in other assignments where remuneration is received from any potential tenderer or supplier. Where other consultants or parts of the consultant’s organisation are so involved, adequate and auditable procedures shall be in place to avoid any communications between parties, which may lead to a conflict of interest. The client must be advised, within the proposal, of any such involvement or other work undertaken by the consultant or their consultancy company.
  1. The consultant(s) will act in the best interest of the client at all times and endeavour to promote good relations between contractors/suppliers and the client. Contact between clients and contractors at an early stage in the assignment is encouraged to promote partnership relationships.


Professional contact between consultant(s) and contractors/suppliers is encouraged as a means of ensuring that the consultant is aware of the products, services and capabilities of suppliers whose services and products may be evaluated, reviewed or specified during or as a result of the consultant’s work.