Tree Planting 2020/21


Once again FCSI Asia Pacific is collecting donations for trees to be planted in June 2020/21.
2020 will be our 12th year for this important initiative. We encourage donations from all members of FCSI as well as friends of FCSI. For those who are interested in joining the 2020/21 tree planting activity, please refer to registration form FCSI APD Tree Planting in Inner Mongolia 2020 Past tree planting reports are also available below:

FCSI APD Tree Planting Report 2015



The FCSI 2008 Beijing Conference was be the First Carbon Neutral Event held by FCSI. Corporate airplane travel is one of the biggest contributors to CO2 damage and global warming. We were committed to offset carbon emissions caused by air travels by our conference attendees. We participated in a Tree Planting Program by JGI (Shanghai) through NPO-Green Life. This particular program was chosen because the trees will be planted in Inner Mongolia to prevent the advancement of the desert as well as stopping sand storms from invading northern China, Korea, Japan even impacting the west coast of North America. It was an appropriate location for tree planting and for FCSI to contribute to environmental protection in this part of the world. A total of 500 trees were planted in Inner Mongolia in the spring of 2008. This was one brave step forward for FCSI, embarking on our journey and commitment to save our environment and our planet. Our tree planting effort resulted in improvements of the local eco-system and helped raised living standards of the local farmers. Furthermore, this action gained the full support of the entire FCSI membership. FCSI Asia Pacific decided totake this activity forward and carry on annual tree planting activities directly with NPO-Green Life.

For an explanation of this initiative please view this linked document:
As of May 2013, donations from Asia Pacific, FCSI members and friends resulted in the total donations of over 20,280 trees since 2008.
We firmly believe that by participating in this program not only can we spread the concept of environment protection but at the same time sustain our passion for such causes.
Funds can also be donated directly to NPO Green Life Foundation account listed above or to the FCSI APD Tree Planting Project, then it will go to the Inner Mongolia Youth Foundation, and will be forwarded to the local youth league for the specific tree planting project. Through NPO Green Life, we all hope that with our efforts, the forest coverage rate in Kulunqi will reach 40% in 15 years, Thereby reducing sandstorms in Inner Mongolia and that 40% of the land can be recovered and converted into arable land for local agricultural use.

If you are interested in supporting our program or become a volunteer, please contact:

FCSI Asia Pacific Tree Planting Program

Elizabeth Palombo
APD Secretariat
Suite 71, Austlink Corporate Centre
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Belrose  NSW  2085

Telephone:  61-2-9986-1255
Facsimile: 61-2-9986-3177


Madam Yi Jiefang
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