Affiliate membership

Affiliate Members, Asia Pacific



Individuals involved in the operation, management or provision of professional services to, or education relating to the management of, foodservice and hospitality facilities. Affiliate membership in FCSI is recorded solely in the name of the individual.


Rights and Privileges
  • Affiliate Members may NOT vote on Society issues requiring a membership vote with the exception of elections for allied trustees.
  • They shall NOT have the right to serve as an Officer or Director on the FCSI Worldwide Board of Directors (see governing documents for divisions, local units and chapters for the right to serve as part of the governing body of subsidiary organizations).
  • May NOT sponsor FCSI worldwide events or advertise in FCSI worldwide publications
  • Individuals will be listed in the member database by personal name only with minimal reference to the company that employs them or company or companies that they may represent


Member Benefits
  • Opportunity to network with the leaders in the industry including FCSI consultant members with complementary specialties from a diverse geography, allied members, affiliate members and students
  • Receives an annual Membership certificate, suitable for framing
  • Listed in the FCSI electronic directory as an Affiliate Member complete with personal contact information, company name, personal biograph
  • Receives a full subscription to FCSI’s Foodservice Consultant magazine
  • May contribute articles to FCSI’s Foodservice Consultant magazine
  • Receives the electronic newsletter produced by the FCSI division in which their primary business address is located
  • Receives invitations to Bi-annual FCSI WW conferences as well as divisional conferences/seminars
  • May participate in the activities of the FCSI division in which their primary business address is located
  • May participate in the activities of the FCSI local unit/chapter in which their primary business address is located (where such a LU/Chapter exists)
  • May access the members only portion of the FCSI web site
  • May contribute to and access information in the FCSI Online Resource Library
  • May serve on FCSI WW committees and task force groups
  • May participate in online discussion forums on the FCSI web site
  • May participate in Education Provider Programs



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FCSI is an international society with common values and professional goals. Due to the variety of social and cultural differences in many of the communities that we serve, specific qualifications may vary. Please click on the division in which you reside to view specific requirements and applications.