Event Hotelex Shanghai 2019

1FCSI Asia Pacific Division China Region will be hosting a Foodservice Industry Networking Event on 3rd April coinciding with Hotelex Shanghai 2019 to promote professional networking opportunities between FCSI consultants and Foodservice industry  representatives. The Banquet Dinner will include short presentations from our allied member sponsors and also raise awareness of FCSI APD’s commitment to the Inner Mongolia tree planting initiative..

FCSI 亚太区中国分区将于2019年年上海海展会期间(四⽉月3⽇日)举办⼀一个交流晚 宴,⽬目的为促进设备供应商和FCSI 厨房餐饮顾问和国內餐饮专业协会等之间 的认识及交流另外为2019年年度FCSI在绿⾊色⽣生命内蒙植树的项⽬目筹款.

Seats are limited, please RSVP below to reserve your spot before 15 March 2019.

FCSI consultants members : complimentary
Non FCSI consultants 500 RMB per person
FCSI allied members: 500 RMB per person
FCSI sponsors : two complimentary tickets, extra seat at 500 RMB each
Equipment suppliers but non FCSI member : 2000 RMB per person.

FCSI顾问会员:免费. 顾问⼈人⼠士但非FCSI会员500⼈人⺠民币/⼈人

Looking forward to see you at the banquet!

Click here for the Dinner Invitation letter