FCSI Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific Division of FCSI is the newest of the society’s worldwide membership organizations. From its birth as a chapter in 1995, then formally became a division in January 2006, the Asia Pacific Division has grown to represent the members of the society in the most dynamic and developing region in the world. Even though members represent a very diverse range of cultures from India to China, Japan and the Pacific, during regular meetings together we have discovered that professionally we have much in common with FCSI members worldwide. We also believe that our members can take the unique Asia Pacific vision and skills to the world.


The FCSI GLOBAL REVIT Standards for Foodservice Consultants

The FCSI GLOBAL REVIT Standards for Foodservice Consultants document has been updated for 2021. In June 2020 the FCSI Worldwide Board established the BIM Taskforce with representative from each division. Joe Schumacher (TAD), Roberto Assi (EAME) & Andrew Brain (APD) each with a comprehensive understanding of BIM while using Revit in their consultancy practices. The Taskforce was commissioned to address the following core principles:-

  • Define and confirm purpose of a GLOBAL BIM standard for Foodservice Consultants
  • Establish a core group of 3 members, one from each division
  • The core group to meet regularly to gather, review & compile data
  • Each division to provide additional support BIM user members
  • Establish communication protocols
  • Agree on the outcome of the FCSI GLOBAL BIM standards: accessibility & ownership
  • Update the FCSI reference material
  • Include the new Foodservice category replacing QF Specialty equipment

The revised 2021 document pertaining to the BIM Revit Foodservice Equipment Standards can now be found here, available for all members and non-members to access. This document is provided as Part 1 for public comment with the express intent to be written and used by consultants. Part 2 of the FCSI GLOBAL REVIT Standards will cover detailed information to guide and assist content creators to produce uniform product families (the equipment models) . The Taskforce will expand in 2022 to include FCSI Allied Members to contribute to the Shared Parameters and Materials List forming the detail of Part 2. These updates will continue to aid in better quality families for all users.

2021 FCSI Global Revit Standards Guideline Draft 1