US Election
Mr or Madam President?
November's US presidential election could provide the perfect impetus to address some of the top legal issues facing the restaurant industry. Amelia Levin reports on the areas the National Restaurant Association is keeping an eye on
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Latin America is presenting some fantastic opportunity for growth in the foodservice sector and the recent Abastur 2016 show in Mexico City showcased exactly why consultants should focus on the region, reports Dustin McKissen

The American-Made Energy-Efficient Pizza Oven that Wants to Take Over the World
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Choosing a waste reduction system
Food waste is a huge problem in the US, but there are steps operators can take to tackle it, says North Carolina-based foodservice consultant Kris Morphis FCSI of Foodesign Associates

Operator profile: Tompkins Square Bagels
Christopher Pugliese, owner of hugely successful independent Manhattan bagel shop Tompkins Square Bagels, talks to Emily Lewis about strategy, location and community