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2019 Board of Trustees

Executive Committee


William J. Caruso, FFCSI (PP)
WC & Partners, Inc.

Bill Caruso is the Founder and Chairman of WC & Partners, Inc., a firm that provides food, beverage, laundry and solid waste facilities consulting and design services to the worldwide hospitality industry.  Founded in 1986, WC& P has grown to an international firm, with North American offices in Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Scottsdale and through a number of 2016 global alliance agreements, adding worldwide offices in Athens, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Santiago, Sao Paulo, San Salvador, and Vancouver. His project portfolio of personally completed work numbers well over 2,400 completed projects in 22 countries, over a continuous 45 year consulting career.

Mr. Caruso received his B.S. degree from Cornell University in 1970 and his MBA degree from the University of Colorado in 1972.  He is a Fellow and Past President of the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI), a Past President of the Cornell Hotel Society, Past-President and past Chairman of the Cornell Hotel School Foundation, and is an elected life member of the Cornell University Council. He has lectured to numerous global audiences and has authored many published articles that outline important industry trends and issues, for many years.


Eric Norman, FCSI
Clevenger Associates

Eric joined FCSI 13 years ago as a student member and immediately recognized the importance and benefit of getting involved in the Society. While working his way up to Professional member, Eric worked as a co-founder for what is now known as the Committee for Emerging Consultants (C4EC). The main goal of C4EC is to cultivate new and younger members in the Society and prepare them for future leadership positions. Eric’s experience with the Committee for Emerging Consultants has given him new insights and knowledge that serves him well in a Trustee position. Eric also served as Chair for the FCSI Academy and was directly involved in getting the online library created on the FCSI website.


Brent Hall, FCSI
Clevenger Associates

Brent has over 28 years of foodservice experience which includes custom equipment design and manufacturing, installation, specifications, schematic design, design development, construction documents and project management. Complete project experience listings include a vast number of projects worldwide.


Christine Guyott, FCSI, RD
Rippe Associates, Inc.

Christine Guyott is a registered dietitian who has worked in the foodservice industry for over 25 years. She leads the healthcare team as a Principal with Rippe Associates, Inc. While her primary area of expertise is healthcare, she has worked on a variety of project types since starting her career in 1985 and enjoys working with clients throughout the country. Christine enjoys speaking to dietetic and architectural classes on non-traditional dietetics and foodservice design. Currently, she is part of the AHF Industry Advisory Board, KState Dietetics Advisory Board and serves as the FCSI The Americas board liaison to the Council for Professional Standards for The Americas.


James Camacho, FCSI, CSI
Camacho Associates, Inc.

James C. Camacho, FCSI, CSI, is a professional foodservice design consultant with 30 years of experience. As president of Camacho Associates, Inc. he is the chief designer and oversees all projects from conception to startup. In 2007, James was listed for a 2nd time as one of the country’s top 12 kitchen designers. Camacho Associates was profiled as being “tough to beat” when it comes to diversity of projects. James feels that the fundamental principle behind the ability to steer through shifting trends, varying budgets and the equipment demands of specific projects is quite simple, “We have to listen and truly understand what the client wants” by reaching out to the client, which is the hallmark of James’s work style.



Joe Schumaker, FCSI
SCG FoodSpace

After graduating with honors from the California Culinary Academy, San Francisco, Joe co-founded Cosmopolitan Catering.  After growing the business to over $15M in revenue he exited and began consulting full-time in 2015.  Joe is an expert in foodservice management, food business growth and mentorship.



Ken Schwartz, FCSI
SSA, Inc.

Ken started in the foodservice industry in a company created by his great-grandfather in 1897. Growing up in “the business” allowed him to understand the numerous facets of our industry. As an architecture and accounting student he found a need within our industry which would allow him to mesh his education and passion which was the catalyst for starting his consulting firm in 1992.

Since that time the firm has grown exponentially with projects and clients around the world. As a young consultant, Ken immediately embraced the idea and importance of FCSI, and therefore worked his way to becoming a professional member. As an FCSI member, he has served on numerous FCSI committees, including the conference planning committee and the code of ethics review committee. Additionally, he has created and presented numerous ideas and concepts to help support and promote the society, including the Consultants Focus Forum and the Mentorship Program. As we look ahead to what is next, Ken appreciates your trust in representing you within the society as a means to further develop ideas which benefit and provide value to the society and its members.


Kristin Sedej, FCSI
S2O Consultants, Inc

Kristin Sedej FCSI has been a partner of S2O with Harry Schildkraut FCSI since 2003. Recent projects include: Northwestern University, Athletic Center, Evanston, IL; Northwestern University New Kellogg School of Management, Evanston, IL; State Farm Center, Champaign, IL; Oklahoma University Memorial, Stadium improvements, Norman, OK; Vaught Hemingway Stadium, renovation & expansion, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS; British School, Chicago, IL; Harper College One-Stop Center, Palatine, IL; Elgin High School Culinary, Center, Elgin, IL and Thrive School, Baton Rouge, LA. Kristin’s crowning career achievement to date was the Top Achiever award given to her by FE&S magazine in 2014.

Dick Eisenbarth, FCSI
Cini Little International, Inc

Initially joining Cini•Little International, Inc. in 1977, Dick Eisenbarth, FCSI, has enjoyed a successful career with the firm, holding a wide-range of senior positions and managing numerous, complicated projects in a variety of market segments.  Most recently, Dick has transitioned to a newly created position as Vice President, Strategic Relations, focusing his energy on some of his personal passions including project work, strategic relationships, and staff mentoring.

Dick embraces the importance of FCSI’s mission in the foodservice industry and the symbiotic relationship each member brings to the association.  He enjoys sharing his industry knowledge with colleagues and, in the spirit of collaboration, serves as a speaker at many academic and industry conferences.


Patrick Watt, FCSI
A DAY IN LIFE Foodservice Development Ltd.

Since 1993, Patrick has been the principal consultant of A DAY IN LIFE Foodservice Development and has forged strategic partnerships with international retail planning, architectural and engineering firms. Patrick obtained a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Ryerson University (1991).  In 2017, Patrick was awarded the 2017 Canadian Foodservice Executive of the year by his peers in the Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals. Patrick’s combination of design, programming, business and retail analysis, as well as management advisory experience provides the capability of identifying real opportunities in foodservice operations and accurately defining physical and implementation requirements. Since 2002 Patrick has provided industry expertise on the curriculum advisory board at the Culinary Institute of Canada, PEI.


marco amatti

Marco Amatti, FCSI
MAPA Assessoria

Marco Amatti FCSI is director general of MAPA Assessoria in São Paulo, Brazil. He is an MAS (Management Advisory Services) consultant, specializing in structuring, restructuring and rescuing companies in the foodservice market, specifically restaurants, bars, bakeries and related operations. His team provide feasibility analysis, concepts and strategic planning as well as reorganisation of production, finances, regulatory orientation and food safety programs. Human resources, team building, training and educational programs are also part of our product portfolio.


Rob Geile
Ali Group North America

Rob Geile joined Ali Group North America in March 2014. He serves as Vice President of Consultant Services and is responsible for developing and cultivating relationships within the consultant and operator community. Rob provides support globally by helping the Group to expand and deepen its relationships with U.S. consultants who are doing work abroad.

Geile’s accreditations include board and/or committee positions with FCSI-The Americas, FCSI-Worldwide, NACUFS, SHFM AHF, ANFP and HTA.  Rob Geile holds a B.S. Degree from the University of Central Missouri, is a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP), and Certified Food Service Professional, Level III (CFSP).

Download FCSI-TA By-laws here

Membership Committee

Ed Norman, FCSI (PP) – Leader 563.582.5109
Leonard Condenzio, FCSI 303.621.6327
Tracy Taraski, FCSI 816.483.5553
Armando Pucci, FCSI +55.511.041.530.6831
Jose Roman, FCSI 809.533.1852
Gabriel Stein, FCSI +56.2472.0224
Jennifer Murphy, FCSI 803.622.9484

Council for Professional Standards – The Americas

Kip Serfozo, FCSI – Leader 404.804.4004
Christine Guyott, FCSI, RD, Board Liaison 952.933.0313
Char Norton, FFCSI (EM) 281.403.0802
Connie Dickson, FCSI 952.933.0313
Al da Costa, MOMD, OSD, FFCSI (EM) (PP) 805.563.5553
Emmanuel Melo, FCSI +55 (11) 99903-2374
Raoni Saade, FCSI +55 (11) 94738-2504
Par Bain, FCSI 604.561.4024

Marketing Committee

Ken Schwartz. FCSI – Leader 727.549.8408
Erik Haviland 704.545.6151
Joe Schumaker, FCSI 408.916.6368
Juan Matamoros, FCSI 503.2566.7771
Rochelle Monahan 952.933.0313

Committee for Emerging Consultants

Shelby Wurscher – Past Leader 952.933.0313
Anja Kuechenmeister – Past Leader 770.582.1144
Joe Schumaker, FCSI, Board Liaison 408.916.6368
Stephanie Ward 770.582.1144
Sojo Alex 720.458.6485
Raoni Saade, FCSI 55 11 3229 2907
Marci Pick 408.244.3663

Allied Advisory Council

Rob Geile – Leader 314.378.2339
Jay Bravinder  336.661.1556
Steve Gill 713.412.7493
Ralph Goldbeck 630.355.1660
Keven Hass 971.223.1274
Kevin Kochman 630.898.8117
Katharine Mizla 920.889.1928
Jack Scott 760.747.5100
Eric Von Kaenel 603.262.9292 ext. 711
Shayne Varnum 774.222.2334

2020 FCSI TA Conference Planning Committee

Brett Daniel, FCSI – Leader 770.582.1144
Brent Hall, FCSI – Board Liason  360.482.1163
Kathleen Held 301.528.9700
Stephanie Gilbert 818.282.2207
Danielle Mason 606.545.8732
Sojo Alex 720.458.6485
Kyle Schwartz 727.549.8408
Tim McDougald 253.841.7811
Tarah Schroeder 303.928.1344

Ethics Committee

Todd Guyette, FCSI – Leader 781.826.5522
Lawrence Huber, FCSI 804.550.2090
James Petersen, FCSI 810.667.3100
Ruby Puckett, FFCSI 352.371.6641