Paul Kuck (pronounced ‘cook’) is the owner and founder of Sustainable Foodservice Consulting (SFC), and the associated resource website: SFC offers a variety of consulting and educational services to owners and operators seeking to integrate green business practices into their organizations.

Paul has over 17 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He has managed multiple restaurants, developed a fine-dining restaurant from the business plan through its first six years multi-million dollar years, and managed the operations of a four-unit restaurant group. Throughout those years, Kuck has managed energy efficiency upgrades for lighting systems, HVAC and refrigeration systems, and commercial kitchen equipment. He also oversaw large scale composting programs, extensive recycling programs and multiple construction projects. Kuck is energy auditor for the Energy Trust of Oregon, and an instructor with the University of Oregon s Sustainability Leadership Program.

Kuck s experience in the foodservice industry enables him to provide cost effective solutions that work in the unique foodservice industry. His commitment to environmental stewardship and business savvy provide a solid position for Paul to implement sustainable changes in individual facilities, and the foodservice industry in general.


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