Wood Stone delivers the power to perform 

Wood Stone products are the heart of the kitchen, where people come together to create great food and memorable experiences

Wood Stone is a manufacturer of specialty cooking equipment based in Bellingham, Washington. With over 18,000 installations worldwide, we are known for our wood and gas-fired stone hearth ovens that we’ve been building here since 1989.

Our technologically advanced ceramics and engineering expertise, coupled with our high-quality construction techniques set us apart in this industry. Our product line has grown since inception and Wood Stone now designs, engineers and manufactures a full line of specialty commercial cooking equipment in addition to our oven offerings.

Partnering with FCSI

We’ve enjoyed working with FCSI consultants for the last 30 years and look forward to helping create more amazing dining experiences. The configuration options available with our oven lines allow you to streamline kitchen production as well as enhance the aesthetics of your vision.

Wood Stone products are the heart of the kitchen, where people come together to create great food and memorable experiences.

Quality products that produce high-quality food

Wood Stone’s equipment is used in all types of concepts from fine dining restaurants to fast casual chains and everything in-between, wherever consistently producing high-quality, artisanal food is the mission and goal. At scale or one dish at a time, our premium products allow chefs to get the most out of their ingredients.

Whether you are using live-fire roasting in our ovens or searing fish, meats, poultry, or veggies on our Gas Plancha Griddles (which reach temperatures up to 650F), your food will cook quicker with more color and char. Foods cooked on our equipment maintain tender, juicy and flavorful interiors, and can hold longer if needed. Easily re-therm pre-cooked items for quick turnaround times, adding color and sizzle to each dish.

Multifunction utilization of equipment

Our equipment is designed to allow you to cook multiple food items and cuisine types together, in the same unit at the same time. Cook meat, fish, poultry, veggies, appetizers and artisanal pizza at the same time in our stone hearth ovens. Our unique Gas Vertical Rotisserie design allows you to live-fire roast meat, fish, poultry, and veggies together at the same time with no cross-contamination. Our Gas Plancha Griddles have multiple temperature zones that allow you to sear in one zone, and simmer in another. Cook each food item at the optimum temperature.

Configuration options are available including double door, facade extensions and oven mantle options. These can help your customers increase production and incorporate other efficiencies into your custom kitchen layouts.

Built with kitchen design and aesthetics in mind

Our exterior options allow for the ultimate customization to match your aesthetic. Add stone, tile, or stucco to our facade-ready ovens. We offer powder coating as well to add a pop of color, or choose polished metal exteriors for sophistication.

Other options include adding a viewing window for drama while showcasing the cooking in the oven. Pick a decorative or company-branded flame guard or doorway arch to create an eye-catching visual that highlights the customer’s brand.

Maximum throughput in the smallest footprint

Continuous cooking with zero recovery times on our equipment means less surface area is needed to produce maximum throughput of high-quality food. Reduce your kitchen footprints by cooking more in less space and eliminate redundant equipment.

With Wood Stone, you’re family!

Our Customer Success Team answers your calls personally. Whether it’s solving technical or cooking issues, helping select a size of oven and its finish, or solving post-installation issues for your clients, we’re here to support you, every step of the way!

Further details:

For more information, please visit https://woodstone-corp.com/.

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