Winterhalter commits support to vital sectors

Market-leading commercial dishwashing and glass washing manufacturer will assist the NHS, care homes and supermarkets in UK and Ireland

Winterhalter has confirmed that it will continue to offer both service and sales to support vital industries and sites during the COVID-19 crisis. These sites include the health sector, care homes and supermarkets, throughout the UK and Ireland, and will be covered on a rapid response emergency basis.

“We have a key support structure in place to help provide a continued service to these critical sectors, and we also have a bank of staff available to provide assistance wherever it’s required,” says Stephen Kinkead, Winterhalter UK’s managing director.

All Winterhalter technicians have been issued with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and have been given strict operational guidance.

Fully committed

“The over-riding concern is the welfare and safety of our staff and our customers,” says Kinkead. “However, given the enormous pressure the care sectors are under, there is bound to be an increase in requirements for service, machines and chemicals in these areas. The steps we have taken are to ensure we can help them and fulfil their needs.”

Any critical sites requiring help should email the relevant division:;; or

“The emails are constantly being monitored and we are fully committed to the fastest possible response,” says Kinkead.

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