Wexiödisk offer a hygiene-led cutlery sorting solution

The ACS-800 minimises the need for kitchen porters to touch cutlery after being washed in a Wexiödisk warewasher

Having successfully conquered the European market, Wexiödisk is delighted to now be introducing their automatic cutlery sorter, the ACS-800, to the UK market.

Specifically designed to help operators improve hygiene standards, the ACS-800 minimises the need for kitchen porters to touch cutlery after being washed in a Wexiödisk warewasher. This is thanks to Wexiödisk’s clever logistics system, with a buffer band and sorter, which together work to automatically transport clean cutlery into a unique sorter which can be pre-programmed to separate up to 3,600 pieces of mixed cutlery per hour.

Optimal hygiene standards

By utilising this clever system to its full potential, caterers can guarantee optimal cutlery hygiene standards, particularly within public sector venues such as schools, universities and hospitals where the pupil/staff-member/visitor will be the first to touch the cutlery in the sorting box, after it has come out of the dishwasher, as David Glover, UK & Ireland country manager at Wexiödisk UK, explains:

“Many public sector and B&I venues operate a part self-serve/canteen-style catering regime which involves the customer picking up their own cutlery, hence why Wexiödisk’s hygiene-led ACS-800 is important, allowing operators to easily remove all points of human contact with the cutlery before being picked by the customer.”

As well as scoring on a hygiene front, the exceptional ACS-800 also scores from a time-saving and improved working environment point of view, as it eradicates the laborious requirement of sorting cutlery by hand.

When connecting the ACS-800 to a Wexiödisk warewasher, operators will also reap the various practical, hygienic and financial benefits of an unrivalled, fully automatic warewashing system.

Further details:

To find out more about Wexiödisk’s AC-800 cutlery sorter, or for more information about other appliances in the Wexiodisk range please visit www.wexiodisk.com/en or call 0845 643 0421.

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