Welbilt Announce Free BRITA PURITY C Steam Water Filter with All Convotherm 4 Models

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Welbilt offers a free BRITA PURITY C Steam Water Filter with all of its Convotherm 4 models

Water quality within combi steamers is a priority and key to ensuring that the best cooking results are achieved. To ensure that the quality of the water within Convotherm 4 units is kept at the highest quality, partnering with BRITA Professional, Welbilt is delighted to offer a free BRITA PURITY C Steam Water Filter with all of its Convotherm 4 models. The promotion, which is live from the 1 March 2018* will offer the BRITA PURITY C Steam Water Filter, which will provide chefs and operators alike with easily achievable high quality water within their Convotherm 4 units.

For chefs, it’s hugely important that to achieve these premium cooking results from their combi steamer effective water treatment is in place. The PURITY C Steam Water Filter has been specifically developed for the foodservice industry, with the cartridges utilising superior decarbonation filter technology reducing the carbonate hardness in drinking water. This prevents scale deposits within the combi steamer over the entire lifecycle of the filter. The cartridge flow system distributes untreated water perfectly ensuring that the filter medium is used evenly and to its full extent guaranteeing constant reduction of carbonate hardness throughout the filter’s period of use. In addition, the PURITY C Steam Water Filter will remove small particles in the water, as well as other substances that can affect the odour and taste of the food being cooking within the unit. By preventing this problem at the beginning of the cooking process, the taste and aroma of food will be enhanced delivering exceptional quality end dishes.

Not only is it hugely important to the final quality of the food being cooked within the combi steamer, but the BRITA PURITY C Steam Water Filter will help to maintain the working condition of the oven, keeping the water connection clean and extending the overall life of the combi steamer.

“Chefs and operators are becoming much more aware of the affect that the water going into their combi steamers has on the food their cooking, so this partnership with BRITA is a great opportunity for us to really provide our customers with the very best in combi steamer solutions,” says Steve Hemsil, sales director UK & Ireland, Welbilt. “Combi steamers are now an essential part of the professional kitchen and we are delighted to be able to offer the BRITA Purity C STEAM Water Filters with all of our award-winning Convotherm 4 combi steamers as a solution to the rising issue of combi steamer water quality. Not only will it enhance the water quality, but the food and functionality of the unit will be greatly improved.”

For more information on this promotional offer, visit www.welbilt.uk

*This exclusive offer is for a limited time only. The offer includes BRITA Purity C STEAM 500 with 6 and 10 grid models of Convotherm and BRITA Purity C1100 with 20 grid Convotherm 4 units.