Versatility and performance at the core of American Panel launch

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American Panel announces the launch of the latest addition to the popular HURRiCHiLL line of blast chillers/shock freezers

The AP20-XL, the most versatile blast chiller on the market, is a 200lb. capacity self-contained modular roll-in blast chiller/shock freezer that comes pre-charged and has refrigeration and electrical quick connects for easy assembly or service. It can also accept ANY common combi cart or rack through its large door and interior. HURRiCHiLL performance and features are built in and controlled through the 7” touchscreen. All this in a small footprint makes it perfect for any operation.

The AP20-XL is not just a modular version of the popular AP20 unit, it is a redesigned example of versatility and performance. Versatile for kitchen designers and consultants, versatile for installers and service tech, versatile for managers and operators.

A self-contained system

Site restrictions are no longer an issue as the unit is modular and built on site making it perfect for new or existing installs. The walls are made from the same American Panel quality foam-in-place polyurethane construction that our walk-ins are made from, with our easy to assemble cam-lock system. The AP20-XL ships broken down so that it can be easily moved through doorways, stairs and is assembled on site.

A self-contained system means no running long remote refrigeration lines through ceilings or walls and the addition of quick connects allow for easy installation without welding or complicated electrical work. The unit comes pre-charged with refrigerant making installation easy and precise.

The AP20-XL also has the ability to handle ANY common combi cart, no more matching combi to chiller, the AP20-XL can accept your existing cart. The large interior and door opening is built specifically to be able to hold any common combi oven cart or rack. Use whatever cart you have, the AP20-XL can handle it.

The AP20-XL retains all the quality heritage of the HURRiCHiLL family of blast chillers, quick chill times, easy to use controls, HACCP data recording, QuickStart one button operation, everything you love in the HURRiCHiLL line in a more versatile package.