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Williams’ third generation DRP Doughmaster Controller enhances baking quality, simplifies operations and cuts energy consumption

Williams’ new third generation Doughmaster Controller gives bakers total control of their retarder prover through easy to follow, intuitive on-screen instructions. The controller is available on Williams’ complete range of DRPs (dough retarder provers), from large-scale modular units to compact reach-in cabinets.

While the latest DRP humidity and temperature technologies deliver absolute consistency in product quality, the controller also ensures the equipment is as sustainable as possible, with features like the Eco-Mode ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

“Whereas DRPs used to be fraught with issues of complex controls, the Doughmaster makes retarder prover operation simple,” says Martin Laws, marketing manager at Williams. “On the one hand, everything is adjustable to suit the product. On the other, the on-screen instructions combined with features such as ‘One Shot’, which allows you to create a single recovery cycle at the touch of a button, mean staff need minimal training to operate the equipment.”

The Eco Mode minimises energy consumption when the DRP is between processes, when fans need to keep running in order to maintain required temperature and humidity levels. It calculates the precise amount of fan activity required, so they only work for as long as required, and no more, minimising energy consumption.

“Eco mode can save as much as 15% on energy running costs,” says Martin Laws.

Meanwhile product quality is ensured by features like ‘intelligent steam,’ which calculates and measures the exact amount of steam required for proving, distributing it precisely and evenly throughout the cabinet. Conventional DRPs flood the chamber with forced steam – the Williams system improves the product and reduces energy use.

Williams DRPs allow fermented goods to be retarded and stored overnight, or for up to 72 hours, and can be set to automatically prove, ready for baking at a pre-set time.   For smaller volumes, Williams Crystal range of reach-in cabinets are a cost-effective DRP solution and they accept 18” x 30” trays. For larger requirements, the roll-in modular systems deliver maximum flexibility, with a choice of configurations and trolley sizes.

Williams Refrigeration offers a comprehensive range of solutions, from bakery equipment to commercial refrigeration and including a market-leading choice of food display merchandisers, gastronorm cabinets, modular storage and reach-in and roll-in blast chillers.

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