Innovative technology such as UNOX EVEREO® and MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum is all about precision, allowing users to preserve food at service temperature

Only EVEREO® machines have the worldwide patented EXEVER® technology. A unique piece of equipment that preserves cooked meals for days at the temperature you will serve them, using a combination of extremely accurate temperature and atmosphere control.

We use temperature not chemicals to preserve food

The EVEREO®, sometimes called “The Hot Fridge” holds the food at an incredibly even temperature ready to eat. It is computer-controlled and holds the set temperature with (+/- 0.5°) of variance.

Fluctuations in temperate can mean fluctuations in quality. But this simply cannot happen with EVEREO®. The food is always ready to eat even after several days and tastes just as if it was freshly made, if not better.

Independent laboratory testing in Europe and Australia consistently proves that our technology ensures flawless microbiological safety, while creating unrivalled preservation of food quality and delivering superior savings in the areas of time, energy, and labour.

No other system in the world can achieve this level of precision

Precision leads to precise stock control, precise levels of food quality, the precise timing of services to your clients, and the precise control of waste and cost, whether it is food costs, utilities, or staff costs. Precision also eliminates guesswork in every area, which means higher quality food and service can be delivered at a cost that is known to you, before you begin production.

Combined with the patented suction device MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum, it is the only one capable of vacuuming hot food inside the MULTI.Day Trays, optimizing the transport of hot food and taking full advantage of the Serving Temperature Preservation technology in EVEREO®

Use MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum to seal and vacuum MULTI.Day Trays to safely and effectively preserve your food at service temperature for days in EVEREO®

The patented MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum system allows you to vacuum-store still hot food in the MULTI.Day Trays and transport tit anywhere without the risk of spilling liquids or contamination from the outside. Safety and hygiene always go hand in hand.

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