Specifying a Pizza Dough Mixer

For your independent pizza restaurant customers, specifying the right pizza dough mixer can improve efficiencies and increase quality

For the customers who own and operate independent pizza restaurants, or for larger pizza chains, specifying the right dough mixer is important. It can help improve efficiencies in the kitchen, along with quality.

To help pizza restaurants get the best results, Hobart offers its Legacy+® HL662 pizza mixer. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of demanding dough production — all day long.

The Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer offers two fixed agitator speeds that thoroughly and consistently knead heavy pizza dough. And it features the Hobart-exclusive PLUS System. The PLUS System delivers as much as 30% more mixing capacity in the same size bowl, due to the powerful combination of three industry-leading technologies.

  • VFDadvantage variable frequency drive – This technology delivers exceptional power to the bowl, allowing for better incorporation of ingredients, and it delivers precise motor control and protection. VFDadvantagesafeguards the motor from overheating if the operator exceeds the mixer’s rated capacity. It also ensures efficient speed changes during operation; there is no need to stop and restart the mixer. The technology provides a soft start function to reduce ingredient splash out and minimize waste. With VFDadvantage, operators can gain excellent results and more production time.
  • Maximum-capacity overheat protection – The mixer includes extreme-duty wiring and connections to handle more power, so operators can mix heavy dough without concern of overheating. That means less downtime and better productivity.
  • Reinforced planetary shaft system – This optimized shaft geometry and all-gear-driven transmission drives maximum power into the bowl by leveraging more of the motor’s precision tuning and high-capacity output.

The Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer can mix 90 pounds of thick dough with an absorption ratio (AR or water weight divided by flour weight) of 60%. This bigger batch means better productivity for pizza kitchens.

A 20-minute SmartTimer™ feature has automatic time recall, which is useful for developing new recipes. It counts mixing times up and down, helping eliminate overmixing if operators are busy working on other parts of pizza prep. Adding to this convenience is an automatic time recall function that remembers the last time set for each speed.
Hobart also designed the Legacy+ HL662 Pizza mixer to provide operator assurance. The mixer includes a Triple Interlock System with MagnaLock Technology. This technology prevents the mixer from running unless the operator has placed the bowl fully up, locked it in place and secured the bowl guard.

Other valuable features include:

  • Quick-Release™ agitators with a pin that locks the agitator to the shaft, holding it in place and eliminating up and down movement. This feature provides consistent agitator-to-bowl ratio for superior kneading action and ingredient incorporation.
  • A bowl guard that can be removed without tools and that is dishwasher safe for thorough cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Single-point bowl installation to simplify attachment and a swing out bowl that makes adding ingredients easy.

The features on the Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer can help your pizza restaurant owners and operators make the perfect pie — every time.

For more information, visit the Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer product page.

For more information about Hobart, visit www.hobartcorp.com 


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