Specialty Retail: Open faster and turn profits sooner with Multiteria

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Foodservice operators look for flexible, versatile and portable solutions to accommodate customer needs, safety and convenience

Multiteria, known for its high quality design and manufacturing capabilities, is a leading manufacturer of retail dining counters that serve many traditional segments of the food service industry. From public and private K-12 schools, higher education, senior living, to health care, corporate dining, and beyond.

Multiteria Specialty Retail Division now serves other non-traditional foodservice segments and offers design and creative capabilities to serve a broader community of customers. From sports stadiums and arenas, small fast casual restaurant concepts, free standing kiosks, to remote pockets on college campuses, and everywhere in between.

Demand for options

Compact retail venues have become a perfect solution for underutilized or underserved areas in many areas. Coffee retail venues continue to be the most common concept, however, modular pieces can support any concepts that can be imagined: smoothie stations, ramen bars, mini-markets with fresh groceries, convenience store grab-and-go items, or sports and entertainment apparel.

The increase in demand for smaller retail venues is being driven by customers who are looking for ways to provide more dining options, capture more sales opportunities, and most importantly, offer more choices and convenience for customers outside traditional main dining venues. A large sporting arena looks for new revenue opportunities just as much as a foodservice director would on a large university campus.

Portable and modular

The social challenges over the last two years have also contributed to an increase in smaller retail applications.  Food service operators were forced to adapt and be creative with many aspects of their operations out of necessity. They shifted to maintaining social distancing, minimizing contact points, and serve more menu items in portioned and protected packaging. Often, within a minimal amount of floor space.

Pop-up or retail market places can be simple, made up with a series of counters and support equipment that are permanently positioned and set in place. However, many clients now prefer a more modular design that can be easily modified or expanded to suit changing menu trends or even have the capability to relocate to other areas over time.

Portability requires rigid frames to prevent the bodies from twisting or cracking and have the ability to transfer over thresholds and uneven surfaces. Multiteria’s TIG  welded square tubular construction is the best in the industry and ideal for these types of application. Common millwork construction has a poor reputation for durability and doesn’t hold for a long-term investment.

A welded stainless steel tubular framework is a mainstay with a strong return on investment compared to traditional millwork construction; a material many smaller multi-unit “Mom and Pop” or more established fast casual restaurant chains are getting away from as they continue to expand. Composite materials or plywood isn’t nearly as sanitary or durable as stainless steel and can delaminate and swell when exposed to moisture or heavy wear and tear.

Portable free standing display refrigeration has always been a challenge for smaller retail venues. It’s a key fixture to support most retail concepts. To address this, there are several air screen refrigeration manufactures who are now offering portable air screen display pieces on casters that are sized to fit through a common door width.  Display capacity may be limited compared to a larger more traditional air screen refrigerator consultants are used to seeing, but they do serve a needed and useful purpose in the right application.

A perfect partner

With labor shortages and new technologies, we are already seeing more self-order/self-pay kiosks in consultant designs. The traditional cashier station, complete with a cash draw and money tray, could become obsolete.

Multiteria’s Specialty Retail division is uniquely qualified and the perfect partner to support you and your client with high quality products and custom capabilities.  Providing pre-wired UL listed electrical solutions, Multiteira’s approach reduces the amount of site work required. Also on offer: on-board potable and waste water solutions which, in most cases, eliminates the need for building water supplies and drainage.

Multiteria’s design and fabrication capabilities save money and time; venues can open faster and turn profits sooner. Using a single source manufacturer means one source of accountability and assures best fit and finish which minimizes punch list items and generates more satisfied clients.

With limitless retail concept opportunities in a primed market for change, what will you create?

Multiteria….Lead by Design

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