Serve a Better Product with TempestAir Refrigerated Cold Pans

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TempestAir pans from LTI use convection air to keep food fresh and cold for longer

Keeping food cold is one thing but keeping it cold and fresh is another. Many open cold pans blow air over the food product, drying it out, resulting in poor quality food being served or wasted. Left out in the open, with stale recycled air blowing over the food, it becomes all too easy for cold fruits, vegetables, meats or other menu items to dry out. And when food dries out, it not only loses taste and texture, but its appearance suffers.

Cold air zone

Fortunately, TempestAir refrigerated cold pans from LTI mean that operators can count on their cold served food not drying out. The ability to hold and keep food fresh is achieved with LTI’s patented technology that is designed to hold product in open pans at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less while in ambient temperatures of up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. TempestAir pans achieve peak freshness through a convection air system circulating below the food pans, not above the food. This patented system uses a low-velocity fan to create a circulating and consistent “cold air zone” around the full area of the insert pan.

While the internal construction of TempestAir cold pans helps maintain the quality of the products being served, the external construction is also designed with performance in mind. The drop-in configuration is built for easy installation, with sloped or level models available. Both versions allow operators to place food level with the serving counter, enhancing merchandising displays and making access to product easier. And as far as food safety, TempestAir pans exceed the NSF-7 performance testing with food pans flush to the top of the counter.

Tremendous results

Available in 2-6 pan standard units, as well as custom sizes and configurations, TempestAir pans will work in any LTI serving counter — whether modular or a custom one-piece unit. LTI has recently finished testing on a 12-pan Tempest Air cold pan for use in a chain restaurant with tremendous results. Backed with a 5-year compressor warranty, operators can rest easy knowing they’re using equipment manufactured with durability and performance in mind.

Further details

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