The right system for professional kitchens of the future

Küppersbusch at INTERGASTRA 2018 and INTERNORGA 2018

Trends come and go, guest structures are changing and general conditions are not improving. In short – for today’s investment into a professional kitchen, you have to consider tomorrow’s challenges. At INTERGASTRA in Stuttgart and INTERNORGA in Hamburg, Küppersbusch Food Service Equipment will show how a professional kitchen might look like in future.   

“Küppersbusch is clearly committed to the trend to develop and realise system solutions and concepts adopted to the future together with the customer. The past has shown that the customer, above all, wants to obtain a comprehensive concept solution for restaurants, hotels and public catering, that is perfectly matching the individual situation,” Küppersbusch managing director Marc-Oliver Schneider explains.

Entire system solutions fit for the future

Küppersbusch does not only offer its customers individual cooking appliances, but analyses the workflow and offers the complete concept customised. „In Stuttgart and Hamburg we will show exactly this expertise,” says Schneider. Among others present on the booth – the proven day care centre concept. “In order to feed about 150 children in a day care centre in an optimal way, the following appliances are required: the multifunctional tilting bratt pan with ergonomic control, automatic water intake accurate to the litre, and special cooking function for sensitive products as rice pudding or similar, a VITRO-EXPRESS range with two cooking zones and a ConvectAir+ combi oven CEP 106. The one-piece unique working top ensures easy cleaning and as a consequence top hygiene,” declares Frank Behrens, sales director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The food display from the sister company KEK, especially designed for children, accomplishes the concept.

Moreover the manufacturer of cooking appliances from Gelsenkirchen offers concept solutions, for example on the topic islands “special concepts – future with a system”, “top restaurants – future with a system” or “compact solutions  – future with a system”.

More power in the pan: multifunctional tilting bratt pans

Last year the multifunctional tilting bratt pans celebrated premiere. Only a few months later the FEP 650 and FEP 950 show up with even more power in the pan. “The pan reaches a temperature of 230 °C – tested according to DIN Norm (DIN 18857-1) – in only 4.5 minutes. This is impressive,” Schneider states. “Be it full power to fry 10 kg of goulash or gentle heat for pudding – the multifunctional tilting bratt pan is the ideal equipment for any case.”

Additional features: the ergonomic control at a convenient height and the perfect fit for the PremiumLine 850 series. Schneider: “The multifunctional tilting bratt pans come with the innovative KüppersbuschCookingIntelligence – KCI – control as a standard and are equipped with automatic water intake, accurate to the litre for cold water, and on demand for warm water, as well as with gentle cooking function, especially important for dairy products, a retractable shower hose and, as an option, a core temperature probe.”

BeefCraft 800° Celsius grill

Another main topic in Stuttgart and Hamburg is the new BeefCraft 800° grill with electrical heating. With this high performance grill, Küppersbusch has set another milestone. Especially as it is working with electricity and offering a real restaurant fit size, the BeefCraft is unique in its power and grill results. “In Stuttgart as well as in Hamburg, our guests can enjoy the live experience to see how the meat is caramelised on the surface within a few seconds. The juice stays inside. The meat is tender and juicy inside and crispy outside – exactly how a steak should be,” Schneider explains.

Deep-fat frying with gas

The new gas deep-fat fryer FGF 130 of the PremiumLine 850 series will be launched in Stuttgart. “The gas deep-fat fryer has been developed especially for the international markets,” says Schneider.

PremiumLine 850 Classic

Kitchen 4.0, the digitalisation of professional kitchens and smart control are currently the big topics in the market. But there are still chefs wanting to operate ranges, tilting bratt pans and boiling pans by simple knob control – and their number is much bigger than expected, on the domestic market as well as abroad. Küppersbusch Großküchentechnik has followed this demand and enlarged its product portfolio by the PremiumLine 850 Classic series.

In the PremiumLine 850 series – the modular series with 850 mm appliance depth for professional kitchens with more than 250 meals – the biggest part of the appliances come with the smart KCI control as a standard. Says Schneider: “The appliances are operated by self-explanatory icons.” In the PremiumLine 850 Classic series the cooking process in tilting bratt pans, deep-fat fryers and boiling pans is operated by traditional knob control. “Our customers do have the choice,” says Schneider. “Küppersbusch Food Service Equipment offers system solutions for every professional kitchen and every requirement.”

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INTERGASTRA 2018 (03. – 07. February 2018)

Hall:                3

Booth:            3C11

INTERNORGA 2018 (09. – 13. March 2018)

Hall:                A4

Booth:            219


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