Reimagining foodservice with functional furniture

The key to functional furniture is its smart design and with a vast selection of premium finishes, SmartStone is as beautiful as it is versatile

As advancements in food continue to propel the fascination in cuisine, advancements in foodservice solutions can also ignite creativity in the world of professional foodservice. One of the most intriguing advancements is that of functional furniture – furniture designed for cooking and serving food to guests with the ability be used as traditional furniture when not in use. The key to functional furniture is its smart design with hidden induction technology for cooking and warming, as well as hidden frost tops for cooling.

Beautiful, custom furniture

A leader in induction technology, Spring USA has been working with brands across the globe in designing and building functional furniture that fits within their operational layout and structure. From hotels to stadiums, casinos to hospitals, Spring USA uses their more than 30 years in the industry to help create beautiful, custom furniture with their industry- leading induction technology and proprietary SmartStone surfaces.

SmartStone is a food-safe stone-like surface that offers superior durability over other stone surfaces. It is resistant to scratches, stains, chemicals, UV and corrosion to retain its original beauty over time. It is NSF-certified and its compact, non-porous material does not harbor bacteria. With a vast selection of premium finishes, SmartStone is as beautiful as it is versatile. It is specifically designed to work with Spring USA hidden Induction Ranges and Frost Tops and is easy to install and maintain.

A perfectly smooth surface

Trusted by foodservice professionals worldwide, Spring USA’s induction ranges are guaranteed for quality performance. Safely mounted beneath the SmartStone or other approved surface, the ranges seamlessly integrate into the countertop for a completely hidden induction operation – making the countertop a perfectly smooth surface, with no trivets, burners or fuel needed.

Superior protection

In addition to seamless operation, the range intuitively senses the induction- ready vessels for more precise and even heating over traditional heating methods. The range will only heat the induction vessel, not the surface, ensuring superior protection from burns, overheating, or cracking of the surface. When not in use, simply turn off the induction ranges to use the furniture as a traditional piece until you’re ready for foodservice again.

When it comes to quality, Spring USA’s US-based millwork shop combines high- tech equipment with hands-on experience to produce custom products that will last a lifetime. With a wide range of wood and laminate profiles and the ability to develop one-of-a-kind products to match any style, foodservice operators can take their creativity to a new level while still maintaining consistent, food-safe quality equipment for the very best guest experience.

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