RATIONAL launch UltraVent® Plus for its XS sized SelfCookingCenter®

Small hood, big impact: The RATIONAL condensation hood UltraVent Plus XS ensures good air quality in the front cooking area

The range of accessories for the smallest Rational combi-steamer, the SelfCookingCenter XS, has grown again. Since August, the tried and tested Ultravent Plus condensation hood is been available for unit sizes XS Mod. 6 ⅔. This means that even grilling and pan frying in the front cooking area is possible without the inconvenient steam or air impurities.

A highlight for every guest: The desired dish is prepared fresh before their own eyes. This way, not only can they trust in the quality of the dishes offered, but a visit to the restaurant becomes a special experience. Front cooking – a special and well-planned product. However, only as long as the steam or air impurities resulting from grilling and pan frying do not go into the restaurant area.

Visual effect

This challenge can now easily be overcome: The SelfCookingCenter XS in combination with the specially developed UltraVent Plus XS for front cooking areas does not allow any unpleasant smells through. In addition to performance, the visual effect is also very important in the front cooking area. Since the condensation hood for the SelfCookingCenter XS is so easily integrated and due to its exclusive design, this criterion is also met.

The Ultravent Plus is also equipped with special filter technology, which filters and directly dissipates the steam and impure air. Using an UltraVent completely eliminates the costs of complex ventilation systems. The Rational UltraVent Plus also monitors the soiling level of the filters and signals the need to replace them. This means customers can enjoy their desired dish freshly prepared before their eyes not only in the customer sections of restaurants, but also in supermarkets or petrol stations, without any unpleasant odours.

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