Open fire cooking with hand-crafted construction

Dorégrill launches Magflam rotisserie – authentic, efficient spit-roast cooking

The new Magflam spit-roast rotisserie oven from Dorégrill combines all the features of authentic old-time cooking with modern technology and a striking design. The Dorégrill range is marketed in the UK by FEM.


The Magflam rotisserie oven cooks using the ‘Radiating Cast Iron’ and high-yield ‘Live Flame’ burners, both patented by Dorégrill. The burners make it look like the chicken is cooking over an open fire. The oven is constructed of high-quality, durable stainless steel and enamel, with refracting blocks and panels which give it the warm, authentic look of old-time cooking.


The Magflam rotisserie oven has the capacity to cook up to 56 chickens per hour, so it not only looks great but is super-efficient, too. The oven hosts a wide range of eye-catching finishing touches, including waterproof glass ceramic lights and silver-plated tap handles.

Spit-roasted chickens are notorious for dripping fat. The Magflam’s interior makes cleaning up hassle free. The interior can be fully dismantled and the concealment panels stop fat entering the unit’s housing. The unit also features a lower fat tray with drainage.

The Magflam has a variety of safety features, which make it ideal for front-of–house cooking, such as heat protected, toughened glass windows, with insulated handles and hinges. The “big red” stop button shuts off the unit in case of emergency.

Stylish and aesthetically-pleasing

Seeing and smelling perfectly browned, succulent spit-roasted chickens draws customers in. The stylish and aesthetically-pleasing look of the Magflam rotisserie also suits front-of-house cooking, with all the theatre of open fire cooking. The unit features a back-lit front panel, which is available in a range of colours, to suit all venues.

Further details:

The new Dorégrill Magflam is available from FEM distributors as a gas spit rotisserie, with list prices starting from £9,940.00 + VAT. Dorégrill also offers a range of electric spit rotisseries.

For more information and details of local stockists call FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) on +44 (0) 1355 244111, email or visit

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