No more steam cloud facials from your undercounter

MEIKO’s ComfortAir™ technology reduces steam by up to 80% for incredibly fast drying. Almost no steam is left, virtually eliminating hand-polishing

Say goodbye to steam and drops with MEIKO’s new M-iClean U with ComfortAir™ technology.

Our innovative new heat-recovery system reduces end-of-cycle steam by up to 80% for incredibly fast drying time, reducing moisture on dishes by as much 98%, and up to 75% on glassware. Wares come out cooler and almost spotless, virtually eliminating the need for hand-polishing.

M-iClean U with ComfortAir™ also gives you brilliant clean that saves you time, labor and operating costs. Drier dishes free up staff time that was previously spent addressing wet wares. Cooler dishes can be unloaded sooner and reused faster.

And since almost no steam escapes from the wash chamber, you’ll have a cooler, more pleasant working environment for happier employees.

Sustainable technology

How is ComfortAir™ so efficient? It keeps steam inside the machine and reuses it as an energy source. Using reclaimed heat is not only a smart, sustainable solution, it means that water heats up faster, reducing cycle time and energy costs.

Its new ventless design is always cool to the touch so you can optimize front-of-house performance. And it’s so quiet and efficient that bars and restaurants can keep their commercial dishwashers up front and center now, without disturbing customer dining or bar experiences.

And it’s all wrapped up in a sleek, beautiful package.

Only MEIKO combines the industry’s most sustainable warewashing technology with maximum cleanliness, for a clean like you’ve never seen. The NEW M-iClean U with ComfortAir.™

Proof that technology is a beautiful thing.

Read more about MEIKO undercounters here.


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