No drains? No problem

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Eliminating the need for water is only one of the many advantages waterless hot food wells have over traditional wet-heat, hot, food wells

Waterless hot food wells are not only here to stay, they are getting better with the help of integrated technology. Eliminating the use of water from holding operations makes your kitchen more efficient while reliably holding hot food with that just-cooked, straight-out-of-the-oven taste. Making the switch from traditional wells offers a variety of benefits.

Three reasons to go waterless:

Conserve time, electric, & water
Managing water resources has become a leading priority in terms of operational efficiency and good stewardship for our planet. In addition to water conservation, waterless wells come up to temperature more quickly, which uses less energy. So, your kitchen saves time, energy, and,
of course, water.

Easy to install anywhere

Traditional steam wells require both access to water and floor drains, or cumbersome bucket transportation. If not already in place, plumbing can be a costly installation. Waterless wells offer a more flexible solution because they can be installed anywhere since they no longer require access to a water source or floor drains.

Safer and less maintenance

No water means no water scaling, steam burns, or rust. So your equipment stays in great condition year after year. Cleaning waterless wells is also easier than traditional wells when you can wipe out spills.

While these reasons are already compelling, waterless hot food wells also offer built-in Bluetooth™ mesh connectivity and an intuitive, programmable touchscreen control with multiple settings.

Bluetooth mesh technology allows kitchen managers to run up to five waterless hot food wells on one 15 AMP 208-volt circuit. The smart digital temperature controller comes up to heat 33% faster than traditional wells and gives chefs ultimate control over the menu by assuring consistent heating, even with starchy foods like rice, macaroni & cheese, and mashed potatoes.

As you can see, waterless wells offer a number of benefits in addition to the built-in cost savings and energy efficiency. If you’d like to learn more about how you can save time and money in the kitchen while empowering your chefs to offer a dynamic menu, contact Duke Manufacturing to ask about waterless well technology.

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