The MVP of all Ice Machines

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Clean, clear, individual crescent cubes. Longer lasting equipment and the most efficient, money-saving ice maker ever

Imagine being handed a cold, refreshing glass of water at a restaurant. Quenched with thirst you bring it to your lips for a taste, but it’s not invigorating or revitalizing. It tastes stale and smells vaguely of… freezer?

There’s nothing less appetizing than going to a restaurant that has bad water. However, this is a problem that can still persist even with the utilization of industrial-grade water purification systems. It might not be the quality of the water at play, but the quality of the ice. Poorly maintained ice equipment can lead to bad-tasting ice, the result of trapped impurities within the cubes.

Taste is not the only factor that is negatively affected by impurities. Having impurities in the ice can also lead to visually unappealing, cloudy ice that melts faster. This leads to a decreased overall customer experience, especially in the US. There, ice is the one product that gets served to every single customer, regardless of whether or not the patron plans on ordering. Thus, choosing your ice equipment is one of the most important decisions a restaurant operator or foodservice consultant can make.

Hoshizaki’s KM Cubers have long harnessed the power of freezing moving water, resulting in a crystal clear and impurity-free crescent. The unique and patented double-sided stainless steel evaporator allow water to flow down both sides, freezing the ice in layers until their signature crescent is formed. Compare this to competitors who create rhomboid cubes. Within those ice machines, turbulent water over the grid cell design traps air and impurities in the ice cubes, leading to a cloudy appearance. In addition, having impurities cycling through the system will lead to build up over time, resulting in a shorter life for the machine and more maintenance work.

Newer restaurant designs have both energy savings and sustainability in mind. Now more energy efficient than ever, Hoshizaki’s CycleSaver design produces the same amount of ice in half the number of cycles compared to competitor machines. This gives Hoshizaki cubers a longer overall product life, as there is less wear on day-to-day usage. With every cycle, ice is made on both sides of the evaporator, reducing energy costs by creating the most efficient heat exchange during both the freezing and harvest cycles.

Hoshizaki understands the day-to-day stresses of the foodservice business, and we don’t want the ice machine to be part of that equation. Discover KMEdge: The most efficient, money-saving, premium ice maker ever.