MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum and EVEREO®: hot is always better!

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Mark Klindera, president, Unox, looks at the results when EVEREO®, the Hot Fridge is partnered with MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum

Today’s foodservice industry is going through a challenging time. It is crucial to rethink the process. Not only is it essential to make businesses more efficient, it is also important to create new opportunities while maintaining the ones we have.

EVEREO®, the Hot Fridge that allows you to preserve cooked meals at their serving temperature without sacrificing quality or consistency up to 72 hours, partners with MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum, the high temperature vacuum sealing machine. The MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum pump is the only machine available on the market that is capable of vacuuming hot food inside the MULTI.Day trays. These special trays are the designed to withstand the hot vacuum process plus allowing food to be preserved in the EVEREO® for hours and days without changes in the quality or appearance of the food including taste and coloring.

Guaranteed quality

The combination of MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum and EVEREO® sets off a new COOK & HOLD frontier that guarantees high quality, sanitation, safety and savory hot meals ready to be served. Foods can be preserved at service temperature up to three days.

MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum along with EVEREO® is the perfect solution for professional kitchens, catering services and cooking centers that count on brand new equipment that guarantees fast service, a broad selection of foods and rapid responses. Vacuum storing hot meals and preserving them in the EVEREO for days means there is no need to chill and reheat the food before serving. Vacuum sealing large quantities of food while still hot and storing them in EVEREO® is a real revolution. In a nutshell, the need to chill and reheat food is eliminated. In operational terms, costs are reduced and profits increase.

Plus the combination of EVEREO® and MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum allows control of all production steps and sanitation requirements in the supply chain. Trays can be transported anywhere without the risk of liquid spillage or outside contamination.

A new concept for the foodservice industry. Innovation + efficiency overturn the traditional modus operandi, by adding value and service improvement

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