Modbar taking coffee beyond the coffee shop

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Modbar's streamlined coffee machines focus on quality and the customer experience

Modbar, the original undercounter modular brewing system, is committed to offering a stylish alternative to countertop coffee equipment, removing barriers and creating a stronger bond between barista and coffee lovers.

Modbar seeks to provide visionaries with the tools they need to create unique and exceptional spaces and experiences, while challenging the status quo. Café designers, entrepreneurs, architects, and hospitality experts look to Modbar for a premium product that will help them create an iconic space for their customers.

Consumers now demand seamless, customer-oriented café experiences that feel effortless and deliver on quality. At the same time, designers and architects are pushing the boundaries of what a café can be. Describing its visual brand as “precise, dynamic, elegant, integrated, clean and refined”, Modbar’s streamlined machines make a strong design statement within minimalist spaces. Opening up the bar enables baristas to focus on customers and the quality of their product.

Modular system

The equipment range comprises two espresso models, a steam station and a pour-over station. As Modbar is a modular system, each piece of equipment can stand alone or work alongside the others.

The Espresso AV is based on research and development from La Marzocco’s Linea PB and comes with the same level of reliability, performance and temperature stability. It features PID temperature control, volumetrics, and optional scales. The machine is available in a variety of chrome and matte colour finishes and has an add a tap system, giving the option of two taps per module.

An art piece for the café countertop, the espresso system is complemented by the Modbar Steam. The steam station offers a modern aesthetic, giving customers a full view of drink preparation from start to finish. Featuring double wall pro touch stainless steel wands, ergonomic handles to match Espresso AV and a solenoid-based design, which removes the necessity of having to purge before steaming, it can be set up next to the Modbar Espresso AV coffee machine to create a memorable and sensory drinking occasion.

The Pour-over station enables businesses to expand both their menu and margins with automated by-the-cup offerings. Baristas can either brew by hand using one of the two included spray tips or teach the machine up to 25 different recipes accessible at the touch of a button.

A different coffee experience

As the coffee culture is rapidly moving beyond the traditional coffee shop concept, towards a more conscious clientele demanding high-quality and unique coffee experience wherever they enjoy it. Whether this will be a restaurant, bar, museum or office, the expectation is that everywhere an unforgettable coffee will be served.

The pandemic has been a chapter of reflection on how to strengthen the team, the network, preserve and disseminate corporate values ​​and culture in such a delicate moment. In general, for the coffee industry and hospitality field this chapter forced all players to reinvent themselves, step out of their comfort zone, and at the same time raise the bar and not lose focus on excellence.

The most obvious landscape could have been that of product standardization and of flattening the curve… instead, the new trends are going in the opposite direction: towards high-end products, attention to raw materials, clarity and transparency of the supply chain, promotion and proliferation of café culture outside the trade circle and renewed awareness around coffee – from the perception of it being a commodity product to a precious produce, a sought-after drink that keeps great company in any place. And it is in this direction that Modbar is orienting its approach to the market, becoming a meeting tool and an opportunity for relationships and experience.

Since its inception, Modbar has continued to attract both designers and operators with its seamless and minimalist centerpiece for a multitude of settings, going far beyond the traditional café environment. Offering a premium coffee experience without compromising on design and operation, Modbar’s forward-thinking design concept allows for a clean and modern look in any restaurant, café or bar setting, transforming the process and experience of drinking premium coffee.

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