Middleby Innovation Kitchens (MIK) 2021 trip is a huge success

Offering fully immersive training for Middleby Design Consultant Partners, the Middleby MAINS program is a one-of-a-kind experience

Middleby launched its Middleby MAINS program earlier this year, to much anticipation within the consultant community. For many, the 2021 trip to the Middleby Innovation Kitchens (MIK) facility located in the Dallas area has been their first plane travel in some time, and the feedback is it is well worth the trip.

“We would like to cordially invite our Design Consultant Partners to experience the incredible new Middleby Innovation Kitchens,” said Meghan Daro, Middleby VP of Consultant Services. “Through the Middleby MAINS program launched earlier this year, we’ve welcomed many of our consultant partners to this one-of-a-kind experience as our guest. While this is training, this is more of an experience than a training, as it is an interactive event with lots of food and fun.”

Immersive and educational trainings

The consultant-focused Middleby MAINS (Middleby Academy for Innovative New Solutions) Program has six more sessions through the end of 2021 and qualifies for CEU credit (minimum of six). The MAINS program offers full immersive and educational trainings for Middleby Design Consultant Partners. The MIK has been described as “a chef’s playground”, and there is really nothing else in the industry that can even come close to the experience. The MIK’s on-site chef team is eager to welcome our consultant guests and share the Middleby advanced solutions and cutting-edge technology.

The MIK is a 40,000-square-foot facility has 15 fully functioning vignettes and more than 150 pieces of live equipment. The goal of the MIK is to show how Middleby technology and solutions are solving customer challenges and meeting the needs of the current restaurant environment.

“There was so much more to see, and we wish we had more time. I am certainly interested in signing up for future MAINS events!” said Tracy Diaz of Cini-Little International.

What does a day at the MIK as part of the MAINS program look like? Participants will experience hands on training with Middleby brand leaders and the Consultant Services Team supported by the outstanding MIK chefs and staff. Upon arrival, the training kicks off with a facility tour and food tasting.

Solutions-based training

MAINS trainings are solutions based, not product focused, on how to best and most completely meet the needs of operators. Featured in the MIK are solutions for beverage, IoT, automation, menu expansion, kitchen efficiency and labor savings, ghost kitchens and ventless among others. Consultants also learn about their two biggest value propositions, how their clients can realize savings on both labor and food costs.

The experience includes hands on food preparation and live cooking demonstrations producing fresh food to be sampled and prepared by the group. For example, the pizza suite is featured in each MAINS program to give the Consultants additional exposure to an area outside of the specific program they chose to attend.

Guests receive chef instructions on how to work and shape dough then build their own pies and cook using one or many different Middleby pieces of equipment. Testing from the fired brick Beech oven to the speed of a TurboChef or the high consistent volume of Middleby Marshall our guests learn though their activities. Also, they get to test the Carter-Hoffmann Pick Up Cabinet (PUC) where their phone alerts them when their pizza is ready!

All programs also include a decadent dining experience the exclusive chef’s table, called “The Elements.” Our Master Chef Russell Scott and team create a delicious meal while our guests are at the best seats in the Dallas area.

Further details:

Learn more and register HERE. Hope to see you soon! For questions email hguy@middleby.com.

Learn more about the Middleby Innovation Kitchens here,



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