Brexit uncertainty and coffee prices: Melitta responds

Melitta Professional Solutions seeks to protect customers during global coffee market fluctuation

A leader in the coffee and coffee preparation industry, Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions has announced its intention to support customers old and new commercially both during the launch of the UK coffee range and throughout 2017.

Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions (MPCS), a division of global privately owned family business Melitta, is bucking the trend of rising coffee prices in the UK. Roasted Coffee price increases seem to be being justified on the back of short term currency fluctuations and continued uncertainty regarding Brexit.

“As a family owned, independent global coffee business, we have a duty to support customers when they most require our support. Melitta have been around for more than 100 years and have only been as successful as we have been due to this long sited view on customer / supplier relationships,” says Laura Sherwood, new market manager at MPCS UK-Horeca Coffee.

“We are prepared to demonstrate our investment and commitment to the UK by removing this uncertainty when it comes to the pricing of coffee bought from MPCS UK-Horeca Coffee.”

MPCS are working with existing and new customers in a clear and transparent way in regards to the pricing of coffee sold within the UK horeca marketplace. There are no convoluted insurance schemes or volume commitments running into 2018 and beyond.

If interested in this genuinely mutual management of your coffee costs please email


About Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions

Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions is the specialist for professional coffee serving in the food service sector. Established in 1908, German housewife Melitta Bentz created the very first coffee filter with a brass pot and a piece of paper. More than 100 years later, Melitta Bentz’s innovation remains the precursor to all modern pour-over and drip coffee brewing worldwide and the company has grown to sell and service equipment and coffee in over 50 countries across the globe.

Melitta relentlessly focuses on being a leader in the coffee and coffee preparation industry. It is dedicated to providing the ultimate coffee experience with gourmet coffees, filters and coffeemakers.

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