From Mechline with love – celebrating 20 years of Dormont

Mechline will be donating 10p for every gas hose sold to The British Heart Foundation, in order to celebrate 20 years of safeguarding the BSI Kitemark

Mechline’s Dormont gas connectors are in many cases the preferred choice for operators, installers and engineers. They are loved by many, and, loved by Mechline. We consider the time and dedication in the manufacturing and testing process simply too important and we want to protect it. In Maintaining the BSI Kitemark for 20 years, Mechline have cared for every single one of its Dormont gas connectors placing great importance on the superior quality design, materials, and construction with many safety features built-in as standard.

To reflect on this outstanding achievement and recognition, this year Mechline will be donating 10p for every gas hose sold to The British Heart Foundation, in order to celebrate 20 years of safeguarding the BSI Kitemark.

Reliable, long-lasting and safe

Dormont developed the very first commercial catering gas hose and, just as they did then, remain to steadfastly maintain the highest design, quality, materials to create reliable, long lasting and safe products. Still true today, they are undoubtedly the world’s most trusted name in gas connectors being the most accredited gas hoses in the world, with over 150 million gas connectors installed.

What is somewhat unknown, is the combination of Dormont and Mechline to create the gas connectors to suit the UK’s own specific market and technical requirements. Mechline carry out all assembly and testing of finished products in Milton Keynes. Through comprehensive manufacturing, build, testing and packing process Mechline’s Dormont hoses are cared for with more love and attention than any other gas hose. This is reflected in the fact that they are the only commercial gas hose to carry the BSI Kitemark, the most recognised symbols of continuous quality and safety.

Ongoing quality testing

Invaluable, the BSI Kitemark certification signifies the presence of ongoing quality testing, rather than just one sample complying on one original test date. Mechline maintains a rigorous audit testing process at their factory in Milton Keynes in order to uphold the BSI Kitemark, meaning that every hose and quick disconnect is tested to the high specification set out by BSI [other gas hoses in the marketplace only comply with BS669 Part 2:1997, which indicates compliance of one sample on one test date, but is not monitored, has no on-going QA control and is not a sufficient enough test to qualify for BSI Kitemark registration].

Many facility and engineering bodies, institutions, operational groups and specifiers will not actually accept gas safety products that do not carry the Kitemark symbol.

Even down to the final touches, every step in Mechline’s manufacturing process is subjected to considerable care and attention, followed by 100% controlled audited inspection. Mechline is proud to outsource the labelling, cleaning and packaging of its gas hoses to a local charity, MK Snap, whose fully trained operators and clients [fully supervised] thrive on emulating Mechline’s approach and perfecting established routines. MK Snap’s mission is to deliver a leading programme of education, life skills, work preparation and opportunities to adults with learning difficulties, providing them with the skills they need to be the best they can be.

Pride and care

Caroline French, head of learner services at MK Snap, comments, “Our learners provide a quality cleaning and packaging service for Mechline, delivered with great pride and care. Through this work our learners have gained invaluable skills and a real sense of achievement and purpose. We are delighted that Mechline outsource this work to us, it’s great for development and our adults really enjoy the work involved.”

Mechline find the added expense and commercial time taken to outsource this work an investment to be very proud of. It’s a wonderful relationship.

Further details:

As a manufacturer of innovative food service equipment products, Mechline has evolved into a company with products that have safety and hygiene ‘built-in’, beginning with its patented QuickLink products.

Mechline continues to offer a range of carefully chosen food service components to maintain its reputation of providing products that reflect its origins as a food service equipment mechanical services specialist. Each range (including AquaJet, Delabie, Dormont, GreasePak, AquaTechnix and more) has a unique feature or characteristic that simplifies the catering professional’s work environment and helps operators to maintain good practice for hygiene in commercial kitchens.

Our technical and operational expertise, coupled with industry experience and a widespread sales and distribution network, allow constant brand and product development. Commercially, Mechline has developed a strong distribution network throughout the UK and Ireland via food service equipment distributors, dealers, project contractors and service companies. This provides full access to all market opportunities through our marketing and sales platform.

We strive to distribute and market products that provide innovation and value for our customers, promoting best practices in commercial food service facilities, operational benefits, quality and safety.

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