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The hotplate is made from stainless steel with a hardened chrome contact surface which maintains the heat and reduces heat loss

The Mareno ICP910E is a flat-top grill for direct and indirect cooking and features award winning ICHEF technology.

The hotplate is made from stainless steel with a hardened chrome contact surface which maintains the heat and reduces heat loss in the environment resulting in a considerable energy saving. The unit has radiused corners and a bevelled upper edge with cooking area dimensions of 830mm x 660mm x 18mm thick. The cooking area is made up of four independent 4KW cooking zones each measuring 410mm x320mm.

Surface temperature adjustment is from 50°C to 400°C and it is possible to set different temperatures on each of the four zones independently. The chef can shift pans so as to obtain the best cooking or cook food directly on the cooking surface as preferred. The ICP910E is equipped with a wide perimeter duct, a hole for draining and a liquid collection drawer.

Award-winning technology

The ICP910E features Mareno’s award winning ICHEF technology, the industry’s first, and only, fully touch-controlled range of commercial cooking equipment. ICHEF units have no mechanical buttons or knobs and allow the chef to combine traditional and modern cooking techniques with science and precision thanks to the exclusive Control Cooking System which Mareno has specifically created to control the ICHEF’s multiple functions.

The groundbreaking touchscreen control panel not only allows the chef to maintain complete control of each individual unit but it also helps to save energy. The bright display panel is always clearly legible, under all lighting conditions, so anyone working at one of the ICHEF units can monitor and adjust the settings on any appliance. Throughout each cooking phase the display not only communicates the settings selected, but also the current temperature, meaning that the chef can monitor the precise temperature at any given moment. The degree of precision offered by ICHEF units results in

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Grande Cuisine is a leading UK supplier of professional cooking appliances. The Grande Cuisine team apply passion, knowledge and integrity throughout all stages of the design specification, delivery process and after sales service to ensure a level of excellence that continuously sets them apart.

Through their vast industry knowledge and experience, and their carefully selected product ranges, including specially crafted bespoke cooking suites by Athanor, and the modular Mareno range, Grande Cuisine can comprehensively assist in the process of creating a truly exceptional cooking environment.