LTI’s QuickSwitch Glass: the industry’s gold standard in versatile design

The industry’s gold standard in versatile serving technology has never been a secret. LTI continues to pave the way in quality, innovation and superior design

LTI’s two-tier QuickSwitch Glass Display allows operators to beautifully showcase exciting menu choices in so many ways. Each tier offers a ceramic surface and independent controls that provide operators the ability to display more items and change from hot-to-cold-to-frozen in under an hour with the flip of a switch.

“For over 75 years, LTI has been at the forefront of design and innovation in the foodservice industry,” says Mike Purcell, vice president of sales and marketing at LTI, Inc. “Our consultants understand what challenges customers face on a daily basis, and we deliver superior solutions that overcome those challenges. No matter what the venue.”

Do your customers often face these common needs or challenges?

  • The need for more versatile equipment. QuickSwitch Glass allows maximum flexibility with your menu. Limited-time offerings or last-minute menu changes can rotate in and out, regardless of temperature. Many facilities or cafeterias have typically had one employee handling the hot food, and one handling the cold food. With QuickSwitch Glass, customers can streamline processes with one employee who can handle both right in front of them.
  • Understaffed or on high alert during flu season. LTI’s QuickSwitch Glass now has the added option to adjust from a full-service operation to self-service. This gives operators the ultimate flexibility to control the customer’s interaction with food. It also provides the ability to offer packaged or non-packaged food items when in the full-service mode.
  • No existing drains on your current set-up. LTI offers QuickSwitch in the cold or hot/cold shelf design without drains. This makes it a perfect solution to put into a movable chart design without needing to install expensive drains.
  • The need to increase revenue streams by upscaling. QuickSwitch Glass allows operators to create stunning food displays of hot, cold and frozen menu choices side-by-side or vertically. Each tier has a ceramic surface that comes in a beautifully speckled glass that masks scratches and creates a high-end visual display for customers. From side items to plated to-go meals, you can feature more selections.
  • The need to create efficiencies in workflow. With QuickSwitch Glass, the assembly of foods like sandwiches, salads and bowls can become more configurable, increasing efficiency. It also saves space, streamlines serving lines and helps businesses succeed with fewer employees. Utilizing digital menu boards along with QuickSwitch Glass allows customers to scan choices and order faster.
  • Worries about durability and warranty. All LTI equipment is made with heavy-duty stainless steel to ensure the longest life and best performance for years to come. LTI products are UL listed and NSF certified to meet national standards. In addition, they have the best warranty in the industry: 2-year parts and labor. Extended warranty options are also available.

Industries served by LTI Technologies

The extreme versatility of QuickSwitch Glass makes it an ideal addition to serving lines in varying markets. Industries served by LTI technologies include:


Participation rates soar when students are immersed in in a visual culinary experience that offers a multitude of meal options and sides. The increased income from higher participation can provide a return on investment in as little as six to eight months. And the inherent benefits of nutritional meals on both student well-being and academic success are immeasurable.

Higher education

QuickSwitch Glass is utilized by college campuses across the U.S. With over 50,000 meals served daily to hungry students and faculty, the award-winning University of Massachusetts Amherst dining program depends on QuickSwitch to create efficiencies while maximizing the student experience. “Where we used to need three separate units for hot, cold and frozen, we have replaced with all-in-one QuickSwitch units,” said Garett Distefano, director of residential dining and sustainability for UMass Amherst.

Corporate dining and healthcare

The plug-and-play versatility of QuickSwitch serving lines allows corporate cafeterias to reconfigure space and provide a dramatic focus to a variety of menu choices. Staffing challenges are met head-on with the flexibility that LTI technologies provide.

Restaurants and grocery stores

Chains of all sizes across the country trust LTI to provide food service solutions with innovative serving technologies such as QuickSwitch Glass. Serving lines and grab-and-go options create alternate revenue streams in challenging markets.

LTI is still changing how food is served

“As a company, our main goal is to continue to change how food is served, as we always have, meeting the needs of our customers with precision and excellence,” says Purcell.

“If you’re a consultant looking to up your game, reach out to us.”

Further details:

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