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How a compact oven with a boiler can help you through these hard times: no matter the type of restaurant or bar you have, Kore, is always the right solution

Here at Giorik, our mission for almost 60 years now has been to meet the many and varied needs of catering professionals like yourselves. Our work has long been driven by ongoing research into innovative solutions that are one-step ahead of HO.RE.CA. trends, to ensure you have the equipment you need to make your work easier. Kore is one of our latest solutions.

Indeed it is the only compact gas or electric operated oven with a boiler which encompasses all the efficiency and reliability of a multi-function oven but with reduced size. Kore is the perfect product for businesses offering high-quality foods in small-size premises.

The high efficiency boiler – one of its kind – and the technical characteristics of its construction make the oven highly technological, delivering high performance, maximum practicality and low energy consumption.

Boiler + instant: winning technological combination

Two methods of generating steam exist side by side in the KORE oven: one generated by the high efficiency boiler and one in instant mode, that’s why we named it SYMBIOTIC SYSTEM. Working in synergy, these two methods make it possible to gain the maximum advantage of the two individual systems, overcoming their limitations when used on their own. KORE produces steam in a shorter time than that required by traditional systems

In Kore ovens it is not only possible to calibrate the QUANTITY of steam that is introduced into the cooking chamber, but it is also possible to intervene on its QUALITY. This is possible thanks to the use of a system that allows you to modulate the level of hydration of the steam by calibrating the correct degree of dryness or humidity based on the type of cooking you require.

Reduced consumption: sustainable

The size of the steam generator is much smaller than traditional boilers making it possible to reduce water and energy consumption considerably, whilst also optimizing time. The size of the KORE steam generator is considerably smaller than traditional combi ovens, in fact, this boiler keeps consumption down to just 1 kW. This guarantees substantial energy savings from both an economic and an environmental point of view.

Moreover the cooking chamber has been specially designed with an exclusive CLOSED CIRCUIT wash system that uses the minimum amount of water necessary, with obvious economic and environmental benefits.

The power of connection

Kore, as all Giorik ovens, is fitted with a device which connects it to the Giorik Cloud. This allows information about the ovens to be gathered, so equipment errors and parameters can be analysed remotely, saving time for the service and assistance operations. Connection to the cloud also enables the oven software to be updated in real time.

Why should consultants choose Giorik?

We know that consultants need to have up-to-date information at their fingertips.

But not only information, they also need installation drawings specific to their needs. We are one of the first companies to redesign all their Cad libraries in BIM valid for many standards.

Our staff attends annual refresher courses and webinars on the subject of 3D and BIM design.

We are present in all the main data and digital content libraries, on American, English, Italian and European platforms. We also provide specific databases for consultants in the formats they request to facilitate their inclusion in their libraries and speed up data flow.

Finally yet importantly, the fact that we have a strong and well-structured sales and reseller network all over the world is a guarantee for the consultant of constant support from Giorik.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of products that can all kind of kitchen requirements.

Further details:

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