Klarco, a T&S Brass company, receives SMART Label award at 2019 HostMilano

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The low-flow spray valve was recognized for its water-saving design

A new low-flow spray valve from Klarco was named a recipient of the SMART Label award at the 2019 HostMilano show for its water-saving design.

SMART Label awards recognize products or services that bring innovation to the hospitality industry through their functionality, technology, environmental sustainability, or ethical or social implications. More than 215 companies applied for the prestigious award, and 56 were honored as SMART Label winners.

Improved cleaning performance

The Klarco low-flow spray valve features a flow rate of 4.54 liters per minute (1.2 gallons per minute), a significant reduction over the 16 L/min (4.25 GPM) that is typical for European spray valves. The specially engineered low-flow valve offers the same or improved cleaning performance as higher-flow spray valves, dramatically decreasing the amount of water needed for cleaning.

A typical foodservice kitchen using the spray valve for three hours per day will reduce water use by more than 758,000 liters (200,000 gallons) over the course of a year versus traditional spray valve options.

“Tools like the Klarco low-flow spray valve make it easy for kitchens to start saving significant amounts of water and reducing their environmental impact,” said Ken Gallagher, T&S’ vice president of global sales. “Promoting sustainability is central to the mission of T&S and Klarco. We’re honored to be recognized for this contribution to foodservice efficiency.”

Further details:

Klarco, a foodservice plumbing manufacturer based in San Quirino, Italy, was acquired by U.S.-based T&S Brass in 2018.

For more information about T&S, visit www.TSBrass.com. And learn more about the 2019 SMART Label award winners on the HostMilano website.

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