Jestic talks tempura with the introduction of the latest Rosinox fryer

The Rosinox Tempura Fryer delivers the high temperatures required for this traditional Japanese style of cooking

Jestic Foodservice Equipment is bringing Japanese cooking to the UK foodservice scene introducing the Rosinox Tempura Electric Fryer range.

According to the Food & Drink Trends 2019 report by Bidfood*, Asian food in the UK is becoming more authentic, with a focus on regional specialities and authentic ingredients, driven primarily by street food moving to mainstream outlets. In order to deliver this speciality menu, chefs require bespoke equipment designed to achieve precise results. The Rosinox Tempura Fryer does just that.

Brand heritage

With a heritage stretching back some 150 years, Rosinox is a brand renowned for creating some of the finest, most innovative bespoke ranges for use in commercial kitchens. Exclusively available in the UK through Jestic, the Rosinox Tempura Fryer delivers the high temperatures required for this traditional Japanese style of cooking, while still being designed to fit effortlessly into an existing range setup.

Powerful 18kW heating elements in the larger model and 9kW elements in the smaller model are situated in the oil to produce consistent, high temperatures, while located on hinges at the back of the fry pot aids cleaning. The fryer is fully heat insulated with the latest rock wool panels and high grade 304 stainless steel construction, help to maintain temperature. An electronic thermostat allows the operator to set the precise temperature, while also preventing overheating with an automatic safety cut off.

With an oil capacity of up to 45-litres in the largest model, the Rosinox Tempura Fryer provides ample size for busy kitchens. Supplied with removeable splashbacks as standard, enhancing usability, safety and ease of cleaning after service. The unique design of the Rosinox Tempura Fryer allows for shallow tanks which are used without the traditional basket. This allows cold battered product to rapidly enter the hot oil, creating a thermal shock, delivering that light and airy finish. By using a skimmer to remove the fragile ingredients from the oil chefs can consistently achieve the perfect Tempura battered products using the fryer.

Precise control

“To produce authentic, crispy Japanese tempura requires great ingredients, a light and airy batter and most importantly the perfect oil temperature. The Rosinox Tempura Fryer allows chefs to precisely control the temperature using a simple digital display. The large vat ensures versatility and use for a range of different menu items, while the safety features, including an automatic cut off and splash guards as standard maintain health and safety in the kitchen,” says Steve Morris, Sales Director at Jestic Foodservice Equipment.

“Available in two ranges the Royal Chef 800mm deep and Royal Chef Modular 930mm deep Tempura Fryers are both available with a standard width of 400mm or 800mm allowing the Tempura fryer to fit into an existing range with ease.”

Further details:

For further information on the Rosinox range of Tempura Fryers or any of the other equipment exclusively distributed by Jestic, please call 01892 831 960 or visit

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