Irinox MultiFresh® Next: a new refrigerant  technology now available* to all professionals

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Irinox branded products represent revolutionary technology, guaranteeing unprecedented levels of customization, sustainability, power and innovation

Irinox presents MultiFresh® Next the most powerful and efficient blast chiller on the market.

MultiFresh® Next is the first blast chiller with R-290 natural refrigerant (propane gas). R-290 has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3, a thousand times lower than other refrigerant gases. In addition to reduced emissions, propane guarantees excellent performance: in fact, our propane blast chiller is up to 30% faster on a freezing cycle, for unbeatable results. Using propane gas helps the environment and your budget.

Power consumption is significantly lower for both chilling and freezing cycles. MultiFresh® Next features up to 12 functions and 150 different cycles. Irinox blast chillers can be customised based on your needs to keep products fresher for longer.

Irinox always put performance first. The secret of MultiFresh® Next unrivalled performance is our “MultiCircuit” technology. Depending on the dimensions of the particular model, the refrigerant unit is composed of up to three independent refrigerant circuits.

The main benefits of Irinox MC3 technology are increased uniformity of chilling cycles and optimal performance guaranteed even with partial loads.

These are the performance packages:


Guarantees excellent results and quality for chilling and freezing. The temperature in the chamber is always uniform thanks to fixed-speed fans specially designed for low temperatures. This is a climate class 4 solution (30°C ambient temperature).


Top-of-the-range solution for professionals that need high performance, power and speed: the specifications on this product allow an increase of up to 30% in chilling and freezing capacity.

The new blast chiller, complete with Turbo package, guarantees excellent results over 40°C ambient temperature, making it climate class 5.

Eco silent

The Eco Silent package guarantees efficient performance combined with extremely low noise emissions. The perfect option for companies subject to noise limits or that pay particular attention to quality of the working environment.

Turbo silent

MultiFresh® Next with Turbo Silent package combines the excellent performance of the Turbo version with the low noise levels of the Silent version. The result is a model with 30% greater chilling and freezing output compared to standard performance yet silent despite the extra power, thanks to the soundproofing kit.

Irinox once again, brings fresh quality to the core of your kitchen, without forgetting the keyobjective to provide equipment that makes every professional’s job easier.

*Available for Europe, chck for other countries