Why investing in extra cold storage can help foodservice operations

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The need for cold storage capacity has grown exponentially across different industries, especially in foodservice

After the pandemic restrictions took effect, most foodservice operations were forced to transition from ambient to chilled and finally protecting themselves from loss with frozen products.

Substantial investment in cold storage capacity is an efficient risk management strategy that protects your operation. With sufficient cold storage space, stock is not a liability but rather a well-preserved asset.

Advantages of extra cold storage

You can customize your walk-in coolers and freezers

One great reason to invest in cold storage, such as a walk-in cooler, for a foodservice location is because you can completely customize it. This is perfect if you have a certain area that you need it to fit into, so you need the walk-in to be an exact dimension. This also allows you to make your cooler or freezer larger or smaller, depending on what your needs are. Often, there is also a wide spectrum of optional accessories available from the manufacturer to make your walk-in even more suitable to your operation. When choosing your walk-in exterior color, you can choose from stock colors, or simply provide a paint code for the color of your choice. Some manufacturers can also provide alternative exterior finishes including brick, granite, or even an exact match to the pattern of your building.

Adjustable temperature

The most efficient and essential feature of cold storage is the customization of refrigeration and flexibility in monitoring. These units are usually fitted with equipment for adjusting the temperature to your desired specification. So, whether you want your products stored at a temperature of -18 degrees or room temperature, you can easily change it depending on the prerequisite.

Efficient backup

As a foodservice operation, there is always a need for extra storage space either to store your food products temporarily or permanently. Having additional cold storage capacity provides you with extra backup space for storage and extra protection for your products in case of a power outage.

These days lead times seem to be getting longer and longer. With delays caused by labor shortages or supply issues, walk-in manufacturers can be as much as 8 months out. If you are remodeling a restaurant or other type of foodservice location, this can present a significant problem.

The Polar King Quick Build Program provides faster lead times on the most common sizes of our built to order walk-in coolers, freezers, and combination units. Constructed with the same seamless fiberglass design, quick build walk-ins are made to order which allows for customization on some aspects of the unit. Choose unit type (cooler, freezer, or combination unit), walk-in size, floor load rating, and door width.  The estimated lead time on these units is typically between 6 to 8 weeks. This ensures you get the refrigerated storage you need when you need it.

Cold storage on-the-go

If your business requires off-site refrigeration, is looking to increase bulk food purchases, or just needs to ensure a back-up plan is in place should an existing walk-in fail, refrigerated trailers are a great option. It’s common to see refrigerated trailers at festivals, sporting events and other short-term outings that don’t traditionally offer refrigerated space for vendors and caterers. Many of these trailers are designed primarily for off-site refrigeration where an electrical connection can easily be obtained. Or for power on the go, manufacturers offer gasoline and diesel generators for maximum flexibility.

In addition to standard refrigeration and freezer trailers, many sources offer Dual-Temperature Trailer. These trailer units offer multiple temperature ranges and are designed to easily switch from refrigeration to freezer applications. Dual-Temperature Trailers offer versatility and flexibility for your changing needs.

About Polar King:

For 40 years, Polar King has been revolutionizing the industry while maintaining its family roots and unwavering commitment to customer service. The company has provided thousands of one-piece walk-in outdoor refrigeration, freezer and trailer units to single unit operators, chain restaurants, schools, health care facilities, government agencies and school systems.

Polar King also has two complementary business units: the Polar Leasing Company and Polar King Mobile. Polar Leasing offers refrigerated walk-in rentals, while Polar King Mobile offers refrigerated trailer solutions stocked and sold through dealerships throughout the United States.

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