Innovation meets regionality: a success story

Bernd Ginader, owner of Ourewäller Kuchestubb in Mörlenbach/Odenwald, Germany, discusses how the 3D Food Printer Procusini helps his business

In February 2020 the time had come: radio, television and numerous newspapers reported how Bernd Ginader, owner of the Ourewäller Kuchestubb in Mörlenbach/Odenwald, Germany, uses the 3D Food Printer Procusini from Print2Taste GmbH in his operation.

The focus of the coverage was Ginader’s self-developed “3D Choco-Bembelpralines” (3D Choco hollow moulds), which have a fruity filling of regional cider, cream and chocolate. For the production of larger quantities of these sophisticated moulds he uses the Procusini’s serial production function.

“Orders have been rolling in. We can’t keep up,” says Ginader.

Dealing with the rush

Currently, a 3D Choco praline in the shape of beer mugs and a matching filling of chocolate and wheat beer is in preparation at Ourewäller Kuchestubb. However, the praline in the form of a custom-made jug will not be sold until the Oktoberfest event later this year, says Ginader.

On that point, he remains steadfast, even though the first customers have already expressed an interest in purchasing the beer mugs. He is therefore planning an online shop at the same time to cope with the rush.

“I didn’t expect there’d be this much hype,” he says.

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