Inhouse Manager: Nutritional analysis the easy way

Following a significant investment into the already successful catering management software, the new module will save clients more time and more money

Inhouse Manager’s powerful catering software now features a new, fully integrated Nutritional Analysis module.

The new module is fully integrated with the catering management module, and uses the menus and recipes set up for the purchasing to provide reports. This will not only cut down on the time required to produce reports, but by linking to the products being purchased, it makes the reports highly accurate.

Easier and quicker

“Allergen information has been available within Inhouse Manager for a number of years, and this new module was the next natural development” says Anita Carthew, business development director.

“We wanted to make it easier and quicker for clients to be able to access accurate reporting within the minimum of work. The system already knows what is being cooked, and the ingredients being used, so why make clients input this information all over again to produce nutritional reports?”

Dynamic reporting

The reports in the nutritional analysis module are dynamic – clicking on the chart shows you the recipes behind that day, and allows the relevant users to alter them to meet the standards – this automatically changes the purchasing and the production reports/pick lists provided to the kitchen. It’s never been easier to cascade changes across your organisation.

Clients can select or input whichever standard they wish to measure their menus and recipes against, and by producing reports on both an even uptake and actual uptake gives clients the clearest picture of the nutrition provided by their offering.

Further details:

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