The Danish manufacturer's commitment to innovation "fits perfectly" with the restaurant's way of thinking

Danish combi oven manufacturer HOUNÖ and its supply partner Brønnum have installed 13 digitally controlled ovens at the acclaimed Alchemist restaurant in Copenhagen, which reopened in July 2019.

The restaurant pushes the borders of the fine dining concept. With a focus on holistic cuisine; an approach that has been growing in the mind of Danish chef and restaurateur, Rasmus Munk, since he opened the first incarnation of Alchemist in 2015, the restaurant is already turning heads internationally.

All senses are guaranteed to be evoked and stimulated through the menu of up to 50 servings plus a full visitor experience, including the unique physical spaces of the restaurant, drama, art, spectacular visuals and a world of culinary art impressions.

Advanced kitchen equipment

Jointly owned by head chef Rasmus Munk and investor, Lars Seier Christensen, who is also involved in the three-star Michelin restaurant, Geranium, this new gourmet restaurant incorporates the most advanced kitchen equipment in the industry, including the 13 HOUNÖ combi ovens.

“We have chosen these advanced ovens as they are the best on the market. It’s as simple as that. HOUNÖ is committed to innovation, which fits perfectly into our way of thinking here at the restaurant,” says Munk.

The restaurant’s newly acquired combi ovens demonstrate a perfect mix of the cutting-edge technology ranges, Visual Cooking and CombiSlim. Both oven types combine hot air and steam injection, ensuring succulence, taste and appearance of food.  The inherent versatility of the HOUNÖ combi ovens means that they are key elements of the kitchen operations and can be used to roast, steam, poach, bake, grill, pan-fry, smoke, prove and regenerate all types of food.

HOUNÖ’s intuitive touch display programming controller works as an extended hand to the chef and the award-winning Let’s Cook cloud solution provides a portal for cooperation and experience exchange with other grand international restaurants and chains, as well as providing important monitoring and management functions.

Innovative functionality and high reliability

HOUNÖ has provided an extensive training program for Alchemist’s 30 chefs in order for them to make the most out of the investment, explore the numerous functions and create the best possible results. Oven reliability is underlined by the 4-year warranty offered by HOUNÖ on all its combi ovens.

“We know that HOUNÖ’s products can match even the world’s largest oven manufacturers, both in terms of functionality and reliability. It is no coincidence that Alchemist has chosen HOUNÖ as its supplier and when we sell the combi ovens internationally, we notice the high quality stamp which comes with Danish manufacturing,” says Steen Holflod Jeppesen, business development manager at HOUNÖ.

The Alchemist team has been introduced to the many functions of the combi ovens, such as the fan speed which may be regulated between 300 and 1400 rpm, making the ovens ideal for all types of bread and pastries.

“It is important to control the flow of hot air to create a precise and uniform baking quality. We do not teach chefs how to cook but we do help them to utilise the equipment correctly, so that they benefit from the many state-of-the-art features,” says Martin Vestergaard Sørensen, who led the training programme.

Further details:

Please address enquiries to houno@houno.com or www.houno.com.

Photo: Danish combi oven manufacturer, HOUNÖ, has supplied 13 digitally controlled combi ovens to the Alchemist restaurant, Copenhagen. Credit: Søren Gammelmark 

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