The celebrated combi oven manufacturer is now offering its CombiSlim range with award-winning ‘Let’s Cook’ cloud based technology

Danish combi oven manufacturer, HOUNÖ A/S, is now offering its CombiSlim range with the award winning ‘Let’s Cook’ cloud based technology. The ‘Let’s Cook’ system provides operators with real time remote access to all ovens across their estate, via PC, iPad, tablet or smartphone.

The user-friendly IoT solution delivers a number of operational, environmental and cost benefits for the user. ‘Let’s Cook’ enables monitoring of oven performance and energy consumption, which can be used to assess and control energy costs.

Preventative maintenance

The cloud based system may be used to distribute recipes and software from a central source, to all ovens within the organisation, simplifying workflow, reducing cost and preventing mistakes. ‘Let’s Cook’ may also be used to assess oven operation, facilitating preventative maintenance regimes to eliminate costly downtime

HOUNÖ, which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, was one of the first manufacturers to launch mini ovens, reinforcing its claim that it offers the world’s widest range of combi ovens. The CombiSlim ovens are available in three sizes: 6 grid 2/3 GN, 6 grid 1/1 GN and 10 grid 1/1 GN.

With a width of just 513 mm and a depth of 811 mm, or 611 mm for the 6 grid 2/3 mm model, the small footprint of the CombiSlim ovens renders them particularly suitable for kitchen environments where space is at a premium, including convenience stores, forecourt outlets, quick service restaurants, pubs and fine dining establishments. For high volume operations, with limited workspace, CombiSlim modules may be stacked to provide increased cooking capacity.

Fast cooking cycles

Despite their compact size, the feature rich CombiSlim models benefit from HOUNÖ’s proven and reliable combi oven technology, delivering fast cooking cycles, unparalleled food quality, optimum control, functionality, operator safety, ease of use and sustainability. All HOUNÖ combi ovens are supplied with a four year warranty.

CombiSlim ovens benefit from a combination of radiant heat and steam injection, together with a nine speed reversible fan, for perfect cooking results. Cooking modes on all models include hot air, steam injection, cook/regeneration and proving, with Delta-T and cook & hold modes also available on top of the range touch screen models. The ovens feature an intelligent ten step humidity control system, CombiSmart®, which automatically ensures the correct amount of steam within the oven chamber for the perfect balance of food moisture and texture.

The inherent versatility of the CombiSlim ovens means that an enormous range of food may be cooked to the optimum quality over shorter cycles, saving time, reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs. The ovens are an ideal solution for food retailing and foodservice operators, who wish to provide a broader product offer. Cooking flexibility allows different menus to be offered for each peak service period of the day to maximise sales and increase profits.

500 stored recipes

CombiSlim models equipped with the touch screen controller have the capacity for 500 stored recipes, each with up to 15 phases, and a cook book with pre-set programmes. Standard CombiSlim models incorporate a digital controller with a selection dial interface. The digital controller has the capacity for 50 recipes, each with up to 10 steps. All models are supplied with a multi-point core temperature probe.

Kitchen efficiency has been one of the driving factors in the design of the CombiSlim range. Touch screen models incorporate the CombiWash® fully automatic cleaning system and integrated hand shower. Standard models are supplied with a semi-automatic cleaning system and a hand shower. Seamless oven chambers, together with removable rack guides and fan cover plate also facilitate cleaning regimes.

CombiSlim ovens include a number of ergonomic and safety features, including ventilated double glazed ‘cool touch’ doors, a two-step safety handle to minimise the possibility of scalding from escaping steam, a door stop function for ease of loading/unloading and an efficient drip tray system to eliminate slippery floors.

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