Hoshizaki urge operators to keep hygiene as high in the kitchen as on the front-line

Without good care from kitchen staff, caterers may not be allowing their commercial refrigerator to do its job to its best, says manufacturer

As the government continues to remind the British public that hand hygiene measures must be followed by all in order to tackle the spread of COVID-19, leading foodservice and bio-medical refrigeration brand Hoshizaki-Gram is taking the opportunity to urge caterers a to keep the hygiene of their refrigerator as high as they would equipment on the front-line.

“A commercial refrigerator is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the kitchen for keeping both raw and cooked foods safe and slowing the growth of bacteria. However, without good care and practice from the staff that use these appliances, caterers may not be allowing their commercial refrigerator to do its job to its best and safest potential,” says Simon Frost, director UK & Ireland, Hoshizaki UK.

Safe temperatures

“One of the best, yet overlooked ways a caterer can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria is to ensure that safe temperatures are maintained within their refrigerator, for example, by keeping the fridge door shut as often as possible. Likewise, caterers should try not to cram their refrigerators to full capacity as the cold air will not be able to flow freely and keep products at a safe temperature,” adds Frost.

“We also urge caterers, especially at this time, to regularly disinfect the surfaces, shelves and handles of their refrigerators in addition to regularly cleaning filters so that safe temperatures can be maintained.”

Further details:

With a wide portfolio of sustainable refrigeration and ice machine solutions in a whole host of designs and sizes, Hoshizaki-Gram products are central to the efficient and safe running of thousands of commercial kitchens around the world.

For more information on the Hoshizaki-Gram, or for further hygiene guidance, please see www.hoshizaki-europe.com or call 01322 616 900.


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