Hoshizaki-Gram sponsor World Refrigeration Day 2020

This year’s theme for WREFD2 is the cold chain and how issues surrounding it directly affect operators within the foodservice industry

Global cold-solutions manufacturer, Hoshizaki-Gram, has once again demonstrated its commitment to actioning change within the foodservice, and wider refrigeration industry, by becoming an official sponsor of World Refrigeration Day 2020 (26 June).

As the only catering equipment sponsor for #WREFD20, Hoshizaki-Gram are leading the way by raising visibility and awareness about the significant role that the refrigeration sector plays in modern life and society.

The cold chain

This year, Hoshizaki-Gram, the organisers of World Refrigeration Day and its various sponsors will be using #WREFD20 as a platform to make noise about this year’s theme: the cold chain; and how issues surrounding the cold-chain directly affect operators within the foodservice industry.

“As a leading supplier of commercial refrigerators and ice machines, Hoshizaki-Gram feel it is our responsibility to use our voice to educate the industry about all things concerning refrigeration; this of course includes the cold-chain (the theme of World Refrigeration Day 2020) which if practiced effectively, can not only be used to transport food items safely to the door of a restaurant or supermarket, but can also help to minimise food waste/loss and maximise energy efficiency,” says Simon Frost, director, UK & Ireland, Hoshizaki-Gram

Hoshizaki-Gram provide some of the world’s most efficient and safe end-of-the-cold-chain solutions for thousands of retail and foodservice venues across the globe. Their award-winning range of storage cabinets, freezers, ice machines and cold-rooms allow operators to feel confident that their food/items are being stored safely and efficiency.

Further details:

To join Hoshizaki-Gram in celebrating World Refrigeration Day on the 26th June 2020, simply follow the hashtag #WREFD2020 on Twitter and LinkedIn For more information on Hoshizaki-Gram, please visit https://hoshizaki-europe.com/home/?lang=en_uk

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