As anyone that runs a commercial kitchen knows, only the strong survive. Hoshizaki America has designed its new Steelheart Series to survive conditions that would send lesser equipment to the scrap yard

It’s the promise of reliability… and the peace of mind that comes with it.

It’s performing beyond expectations …with relentless durability and sustainability.

It’s knowing that we’ve already thought about your future and can endure at the next level.

Introducing the new Steelheart Refrigeration Series

Hoshizaki seeks natural solutions such as sustainable materials and hydrocarbon refrigerants for a clean and healthy environment. R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant is a highly refined propane proven safe in refrigeration applications. Used in Europe for over 20 years, R290 has minimal environmental impact.

With uncompromising performance, R290’s thermodynamic properties are superior to other refrigerants while being both climate friendly and energy efficient.

Combined with Hoshizaki’s unique ducted airflow technology, you can be assured your products remain fresh, nutritious, and safe as a result of uniform temperatures and quick recovery.

Connect, serve, delight

Designed to be tough, the new Hoshizaki Steelheart Refrigeration Series has the features you want with uncompromising durability and reliability. Engineered with superior refrigeration performance, sustainable construction, energy efficiency and simple operation, this equipment does the job it’s meant to do. Working hard so the operator/owner/chef doesn’t have to worry.

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