Hobart’s Two-Level-Washer takes first place at KüchenInnovation 2020

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The innovative dishwasher also achieved the best results in its category so additionally received a 'Golden Award'

The Two-Level-Washer (TLW) from warewashing technology specialist Hobart continues to win prizes. Equipped with two wash chambers that can wash different types of products simultaneously, the dish and utensil washer was recently voted KüchenInnovation 2020 by the independent initiative LifeCare, having already received several national and international awards.

In a two-stage assessment process, the TLW convinced the expert jury based on the benefits of its functionality, innovation, product benefits, design, ergonomics and hygiene. Furthermore, the innovative dishwasher achieved the best results per category and additionally received the ‘Golden Award’.

Two in one: The world’s first Two-Level-Washer

With the TLW, Hobart designed the first commercial dishwasher on the market which has a second wash chamber for simultaneous washing. By increasing the capacity per wash cycle, Hobart is sure to significantly relieve the dishwashing staff’s workload.

This dishwasher is not only extremely efficient but also has a very small footprint, which makes it also suitable for smaller kitchens. Despite the second washing level, the TLW with its compact design does not require more space than a conventional dishwasher.

About Hobart:

Based in Offenburg, Germany, Hobart leads the world market in commercial warewashing technology. Hobart serves customers such as hotels, restaurants and caterers, bakeries and butcheries as well as supermarkets, airlines, cruise ships, automotive suppliers, research centres and pharmaceutical companies across the world.

Hobart develops, produces and sells warewashing and cleaning, cooking, food preparation and waste treatment appliances and systems. The company has a global workforce of 6,900 employees, approximately 1,100 of them in Germany.

Hobart is a subsidiary of the US Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Group, which manufactures and sells a variety of products; the group has a staff of 50,000 employees in 800 autonomous companies in 56 countries.


Pictured: Harald Disch (middle), director ware wash engineering, Europe & global new technologies, Hobart GmbH, receives the prize