Hatco® Corporation Announces Licensing Agreement with Minnow

Hatco® Corporation, a proud employee owned foodservice equipment manufacturer, has announced a license and product supply agreement with Minnow Technologies, Inc.

The future of foodservice takeout and delivery, as well as many other business applications, will all benefit from Minnow Technology products. These NEW MMP-8I Minnow Pods create an innovative frictionless solution for foodservice operations seeking to improve their carryout and delivery operations.

“Customers will be drawn to an industry-leading carryout and delivery experience all around. Operators now have the ability to add a plug-and-play solution with advanced technologies to their business. We’re all very excited,” said Michael Whiteley, SVP of Hatco Corporation.

Minnow chose to align with Hatco because of its strong market position globally and its world-class manufacturing abilities. The new agreement gives Hatco the ability to build these units for Minnow and license the design technology to add to their already successful line of Hatco heated and ambient Flav-R 2-Go® Locker Systems.

Human-centered design

Founded in 2017, Minnow is on a mission to create a better food delivery and pickup experience with its contact-free Pickup Pods, which keep food secure and people safe. Pickup Pods can be used anywhere that food is delivered or picked up. The result of a three-year, human-centered design journey, the Minnow Pickup Pod enables foodservice operators and commercial property managers to provide a safer and more convenient food experience.

“This move unites Hatco’s world-class manufacturing capabilities, vast distribution channel, and decades of experience in the foodservice equipment industry with Minnow’s award-winning hardware design and cloud-based IoT software,” said Steven Sperry, CEO of Minnow.

The Minnow Pods conveniently hold multiple food orders with quick and secure access. Customers and delivery drivers can arrive, access their specific Pod, and leave without waiting in line or disturbing the flow of business. These systems can integrate into foodservice operations in a various ways, both standalone or fully integrated into POS systems.


About Hatco
From the corporate offices in Milwaukee to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sturgeon Bay, Wis., Hatco Corporation is a proud employee-owned company. Since 1950, Hatco has a history of excellence in the quality design, production, and servicing of warming, toasting, holding, cooking, sanitizing, and cooling equipment.

About Minnow
For additional information on the Minnow Pod or the Hatco Flav-R 2-Go® Locker System, contact your Hatco sales representative or visit the Hatco website at www.hatcocorp.com.

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