Halton's new 40,000 sq. ft. factory in Scottsville, Kentucky, USA, also known as KY2, will bring Halton Americas closer in completing the circle in their foodservice offerings

Halton’s KY2 facility will focus on the manufacture of air moving products such as pollution control units, exhaust fans, and make up air units.

Halton North America’s Foodservice journey began in 1989, with Halton sharing a building space in Glasgow, KY with our then sister company Pan-Oston. In just a few short years Halton Company relocated to its own space in Glasgow.

In 1997, continuous growth would support an exciting new change. Halton Company relocated its manufacturing and research & development laboratories to Scottsville, KY, thus creating our KY1 operations.

It was there that we started to develop close relationships with local and state officials to help us build the best workforce to handle the growth. The facility has been expanded four times since 1997 with adding office space in 2004 and 2016 and expanding our manufacturing footprint in 2007 and again in 2010.

In 2005, Halton purchased Vent Master. That acquisition had fulfilled a strategic goal of expanding into Canada. In 2016, Halton built a state-of-the-art research and development lab and established the North America Group office next door to Halton’s Scottsville, KY Manufacturing facility also known as KY1.

“It is wonderful to work for a company that wants to continue to grow and expand and venture into new areas that can impact the total commercial kitchen ventilation market. It is equally as wonderful to be located in a state and community that supports the growth and expansion of local businesses and technologies.” says Rick Bagwell, president of Halton Group Americas

Just three short years later in 2019, to meet our customers’ needs and broadening our systems capabilities, Halton would need another specialized manufacturing facility, KY2. KY2 is here and we are now in the position to “complete the circle” in our foodservice offerings.

“KY2 will be focused on “Air Moving” equipment such as Exhaust Fans, Make-up Air units, and Pollution Control units. The facility will be a satellite of KY1, complementing the Foodservice North America Business and in the near future we will be working towards this being a stand-alone business unit. I’d like to recognize the efforts of Chris Gentry, Foodservice Director, North America in taking this project underhis wings and getting us to the finish line for Manufacturing to start taking place by the end of May.” says Phil Meredith, director of Foodservice, Halton Americas.


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